Top 3 Ways to Prep Your OpenEdge Database for 2020 Growth

Top 3 Ways to Prep Your OpenEdge Database for 2020 Growth

Posted on October 09, 2019 0 Comments
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The end of the year is near. Make sure your OpenEdge database is prepped for growth and set your enterprise up for success in 2020.

With 2019 almost over, there’s no better time to take stock and start planning how to drive business growth in 2020. However, as you start forecasting, it’s important to remember that even organizations that excel at forecasting often fail to incorporate the growth of their systems and data into their planning.

Is Your OpenEdge Database Ready for Your 2020 Projected Growth?

Have you thought about whether your OpenEdge database is optimized for your projected growth? Without proper preparation, a sudden or drastic increase in volume could jeopardize the stability or performance of your application, potentially resulting in outages or suboptimal performance. Such outages not only look bad for your business, but may also have a negative financial impact in terms of maximizing all possible revenue potential. 

Let Progress Professional Services Help You Prepare

Your database is an essential component of your enterprise infrastructure. To help you maximize the value of your OpenEdge database and bolster its performance, experts from the Progress Professional Services team have assembled a list of the top three things you can do now to ensure that your database is ready for 2020 and all the opportunities it will bring.

1. Perform a Database Health Check

The Progress Professional Services team performs over 100 OpenEdge database health checks annually. Their knowledge of effective practices is leveraged as the basis for recommendations on how to optimize your environment. Acting on these recommendations typically results in enhanced application stability and improved response time for your users.

2. Perform Disaster Recovery Testing

Without a proper contingency plan, businesses and their databases are extremely vulnerable to disasters. This is especially the case in the digital era—many enterprises rely on their applications and data to be available and accessible 24x7 and the consequences are dire, ranging from loss of critical data and revenue to reputational damage.

Now is the time to pressure-test your business’s Disaster Recovery Plan and mitigate any gaps. Our Professional Service Team is focused on helping businesses develop comprehensive business continuity plans that meet all their disaster recovery planning needs. We deliver industry-leading solutions and services that maintain high-availability and protect the long-term viability of your IT environment and business.

3. Clean Up and Better Manage Your Data

Business intelligence systems are only as good as their last batch of data. Great business decisions rarely stem from stale data. The value of your business’s data is determined  by the way in which it is managed and processed. Attempting to manage data from various data types, data structures, and multiple external targets while maintaining a continuous secure connection can be a daunting task. That’s why most companies don’t do it on a regular basis—there always seems to be something more pressing to do.

OpenEdge Pro2 6.0 enables OpenEdge users to achieve application-level real-time data replication to a Microsoft-SQL Server, Oracle or OpenEdge database. Empowering businesses with the ability to deliver mission-critical data from their OpenEdge databases in order to perform proactive decision-making is just one of the many benefits that OpenEdge Pro2 has to offer. In addition, your business’s data will be equipped with third-party application flexibility and a smaller footprint.

Whether It’s a database health check, disaster recovery planning or the utilization of OpenEdge Pro2, now is the time to prep your OpenEdge database for 2020. Our Senior Database Administrators are available to get your database ready for the new year. Contact an Account Manager from our Professional Services Team to discuss your business’s 2020 database prep today.


Rochelle Wheeler Progress

Rochelle Wheeler

Rochelle Wheeler is a Global Demand Generation Marketing Lead with Progress’ Infrastructure Team and focuses her efforts on the Kemp LoadMaster load balancing solution. With over two decades of successful marketing and project management experience, she has launched campaigns for companies ranging from boutique agencies to Fortune 500 enterprises. You can follow her on LinkedIn.


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