5 Things To Consider When Implementing Automated File Transfer

5 Things To Consider When Implementing Automated File Transfer

Posted on March 03, 2016 0 Comments

IPSWITCH_LogosAutomated File Transfer Tools Instead of Scripts

Automated file transfer tools can quickly automate many common file transfer tasks by anyone on the IT team without any programming required.  It also provides a single resource for central management and visibility of all automated tasks.

Group Tasks to Improve Management

Ensure flexibility to group tasks aligned with logical business processes, business applications, or partner communications or whatever grouping make sense for your organization.  Then you’ll be able to monitor all the activities end-to-end within context of the defined process.

Visibility to All Automated Transfer Activity

Real time visibility to all transfer activity including automated tasks is critical for SLA and data privacy policy compliance and ability to identify security risks.  If appropriate business users are enabled to view status of file transfer activity important to their business.

Flexible User Access with Tight Control

Enable authorized business users to easily monitor or run automated tasks from any platform or device.  Ensure you have fine-grained access control for users and user groups to limit access to modifying tasks, scheduling tasks, or only viewing task status. Securely enabling business users as appropriate can reduce burden on IT administration of file transfer operations and improve risk identification and mitigation.


Simple to Use

I hesitate to include this as who doesn’t want a simple to use application, but consider that you and others in your organization will need access from lots of platforms and devices and will have varying skill levels.  So a tool that’s accessible, doesn’t require scripting skills, and is intuitive to create, modify and monitor will make a difference every day.

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