The Unique Diversity of Progress Sitefinity Services

The Unique Diversity of Progress Sitefinity Services

Posted on October 25, 2018 0 Comments
The Unique Diversity of Progress Sitefinity Services _870x450

Progress Sitefinity offers a wide variety of Professional Services to ensure your next project is a success. The way we do this is fairly unique in the software world.

Progress Sitefinity has a unique competitive advantage that most other content management systems don’t have, and it comes from the way we structure our Professional Services. Sitefinity users have a wide range of services and support at their disposal, but at Progress, we only directly employ a handful of Sitefinity consultants. Most of our services revenue is shared with our Sitefinity Partners.

This is fairly unique in the software world, and has served us as a great way to build not only our partners but also our brand.

Enhancing our Service Delivery Partners

About 80% of our Sitefinity services revenue comes from our Partners delivering the engagements. Progress uses the concept of service delivery partners (SDP) to execute on the diverse range of engagements that our customers want. These partners are selected from our partner pool and the only requirement for them is to be certified as a service delivery partner. 

The certification process is a deep technical enablement via a training program and certification testing. Once the partner has at least six certified developers, we add them to our SDP program. We enable the partners as needed via our Sitefinity classes, and while one of our partners is engaged with a customer they have access to our tech support team, developers and engineers as needed. We also oversee the delivery with our delivery managers to ensure success. We do the work on our paper, and back the partner like our own employees.

We don’t compete with our partners—we enhance our partners by giving them the much-needed technical experience with our customers, and in turn our partners build relationships with these customers. It’s a win-win situation for everyone and it helps the Progress brand.

Most of the Sitefinity partners are actually web agencies and are very good at creating a digital experience for our customers using Sitefinity. Progress Services does not provide this sort of marketing expertise. However, we do provide the technical know-how to do anything within our platform, including custom integrations, performance improvements, migrations and architectural expertise, so that we can ensure our customers have the best possible experience in Sitefinity. This is how we built a thriving partner base and a successful services team.

Our goal as a public software company is to maintain a high standard of engagement with our customers, and keep our tools and applications the best of breed for you as well. We work hard to deliver the tools and support you need for your business to succeed, and we're proud of the partner network we've developed which helps enable this.

Learn More

To learn more about the partner program and apply to become one, you can visit here. Or to find a partner to help you accomplish your next goal, feel free to visit our partner directory.

Joe Genovese

Joe Genovese

Joe Genovese is a Services Sales Manager for the Americas at Progress. Over his 29 years at the company, he has worn many hats including consultant, DBA, Pre-sales, Pre-sales Manager, Sale Executive, Trainer and Sales Management. Joe lives in Atlanta and is based in Progress' office in Norcross, GA.


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