The Semaphore - Smartlogic’s 3rd Quarter Newsletter 2021

The Semaphore - Smartlogic’s 3rd Quarter Newsletter 2021

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CEO Corner

Semaphore’s Unique Proposition

At Smartlogic we believe providing unique capabilities and features in our product and services platform are key to helping our customers solve today’s most difficult business challenges.

Semaphore, our Semantic AI platform delivers:

  • Full editorial control, easy to use
  • Enterprise-grade, scalable, integrates with existing technology investments
  • Model-driven hybrid NLP/Machine Learning and rules-based classification, text analytics, and metadata management
  • Auditable, repeatable, transparent, and accurate

Full Editorial Control, Easy to Use

Semaphore’s Model, Scale, and Collaborate capabilities - designed for business users - allows you to build and maintain sophisticated knowledge models that capture the concepts, topics, and relationships that represent any subject matter or business domain. Knowledge models harmonize enterprise subject-matter expertise and business language - creating a centralized “source of truth” - used across systems, applications, and business users.

Semaphore’s Knowledge Model Management (KMM) module is an easy-to-use, web-based, feature-rich platform that supports model development processes without lengthy training. Subject matter experts can collaborate in the model development process by reviewing models and providing feedback and recommendations for concept positioning, changes, and replacements as well as suggest concepts and relationships for inclusion.

Semaphore leverages linked data. It incorporates reference information from linked data sources, allowing for the rapid enrichment of managed models by suggesting candidate vocabulary. Semaphore supports a comprehensive and wide range of internal, industry, and subject models, which can be sourced from Smartlogic, industry groups, or our partner network, to reduce model development time and accelerate time to value.

Semaphore supports task-based model governance - model changes are task-centric to drive workflows and improve feedback loops. It maintains model integrity and ensures models are useable, controlled, and remain as authoritative enterprise-wide resources for up and downstream systems.

Enterprise-grade, scalable, integrates with existing technology investments

Semaphore’s breadth of functionality - services, support, and security are proven to meet the needs and standards of large enterprises. It provides full functionality across all deployment and adoption models and provides out-of-the-box integrations with standard industry software as well as integration tool kits that connect existing upstream and downstream systems to seamlessly integrate into an organization’s existing infrastructure.

Semaphore provides flexible deployment options - Cloud; On-premises; Hybrid; On-Demand - that support your technical enterprise architecture - regardless of organization size or type. Our flexible adoption models: Development, Business, and Enterprise, allow organizations to expand as their needs and data volumes evolve.

Semaphore scales to accommodate users, digital assets, integrations, languages, and deployment models. It provides unlimited support for knowledge models and scales to add concepts, labels, relationships, languages, linked data, and users. Auto-classification supports the processing of millions of digital assets per day.

Semaphore provides text analytics capabilities using AI, NLP, and Machine Learning to classify digital assets, create and apply metadata, and extract textual information by incorporating human and machine-based business knowledge in a precise and consistent manner.

Model-driven hybrid NLP/Machine Learning and rules-based classification, text analytics, and metadata management

Smartlogic’s auto-classification, extraction, and language services capabilities create and manage semantic metadata, active metadata, and extract information to reveal meaning and context from data for the enterprise. Rules are auto-generated and combined with algorithms based on semantic models to classify and derive metadata values associated with structured & unstructured data - internal and external to the enterprise.

Semantic AI capabilities leverage Machine Learning and NLP using authoritative knowledge models to create enriched metadata. This approach allows you to incorporate hidden facts and relationships that mainstream machine learning cannot identify - eliminating the need for extensive data sets and continuous retraining; new information can be added to the model and immediately applied.

Text mining, entity identification, and extraction capabilities based on AI, NLP, and Machine Learning in a cooperative approach between human supplied business knowledge and software that creates and derives metadata values, allows you to apply this knowledge rapidly and accurately to business data.

Auditable, repeatable, transparent, and accurate

Smartlogic’s approach allows business users to remain in control of Semaphore output through the curation and management of knowledge models - the authoritative guide to Semaphore enrichment & classification.

Semaphore results are auditable and transparent; decisions can be traced to the source and users trust and understand how and why a decision is made. Semaphore’s publishing and versioning capabilities provide consistent results, which support statutory and/or legal compliance directives.

Classification outcomes are reproducible for a point in time and classification on a single asset using the same model and rule-base, result in the same outcome. And Semaphore provides accurate results. Subject matter expert review and controlled approvals of model and classification enrichment as well as transparent traceability results in explainable and trustworthy outcomes.

Jeremy Bentley

CEO and Founder

Global Non-profit uses Semantic AI to Improve SharePoint Search

Nonprofit organizations are diverse in how they operate, their sector, size, and mission but one thing they have in common: they are governed by a board of directors and are obligated to report to their stakeholders.

The nonprofit sector is more important than ever. The U.S. nonprofit sector employs 11.9 million people, ranking it third out of eighteen major sectors as an employer of American workers, a report from the Johns Hopkins Center for Civil Society finds. Even though it’s important the nonprofit sector struggles with:

Limited funding - Many nonprofit organizations depend on the assistance of state, national, and municipal levels in the form of grants, matching funds, or to serve as a safety net when funds are short. Most nonprofits have less funding than they want or need -some no funding at all.

Pressure to show results and strategic solutions - In the past, the non-profit world’s emphasis was on showing that programs were being used and accessed by those they supported. Now, the pressure has shifted, they must demonstrate that social impact objectives are being met - a much harder calculation.

Significant increase in need - Across the board, non-profits are seeing an increase in the need for their services. Poverty is a real issue, and many people are facing economic hardships.

Learn how one global non-profit organization used Semaphore capabilities to implement an AI platform that leverages semantic models, rules, NLP, and auto-classification to improve their user experience and knowledge discovery in an enterprise-wide SharePoint Online environment.

Product Updates

Coming Soon - Semaphore 5.4

Take your model management, auto-classification, and semantic integration services to the next level with Semaphore 5.4. Check our website’s News and blog for updates.


Provide an Info-Tech Review for Smartlogic

As many of you know, Smartlogic is reliant on product evaluations from external resources like Gartner, IDC, Forrester, etc. that publish reviews, capability reports, and other documentation. These reviews help customers like yourself make informed purchases when evaluating technology products.

If you’re interested in providing a Smartlogic review to Info-Tech – please use the link below.

Info-Tech is an advisory service that is planning to publish a series of reports around Metadata Management Solutions. To be included in that report, Info-Tech requires that vendors have at least 10 customer reviews of their product. They are offering a $25 Amazon gift card (or charitable contribution) for customer reviews of our Semaphore platform, which you can access here: Review Smartlogic & Receive a $25 Reward.

All reviews are anonymous – we won’t know who reviewed us. The time to complete a review is approximately 10 minutes. Your participation is greatly appreciated.

Conferences & Events

Smartlogic’s User Community Forum

Our next User Community Forum meeting will be held on Wednesday, October 6th at 11 am Eastern. If you haven’t signed up yet, DO IT TODAY – it’s a great opportunity to meet and connect with like-minded Semaphore users to exchange tips, tricks, and best practices with the Semaphore platform and Knowledge Management topics.

Smartlogic to Sponsor and Speak at KMWorld 2021

Smartlogic announces their Platinum sponsorship of KMWorld 2021, held at the JW Marriott in Washington, DC on November 15th - 18th, 2021.

“We’re pleased to announce our support for KMWorld again this year. This year’s theme, Knowledge Sharing in the Age of New Technologies, is very exciting as it focuses on, cultures, people, processes, and the many different types of technologies supporting organizations. Today’s organizations require innovative semantic technologies to extract value from the full set of information that organizations can transform into a competitive advantage,” Jeremy Bentley, CEO, Smartlogic.

The Smartlogic team will be on hand to share Semaphore use cases, best practices, and lessons learned, across a broad range of industries, with participants at the event. Don’t miss conference presentations by Jeremy Bentley - CEO and Founder and James Morris - Senior Information Scientist. Details regarding a networking social will be coming soon.

  • James Morris - TBC, Monday, November 15th @ 1 pm Eastern - Semantic Models to Drive Information Governance as a Service
  • Jeremy Bentley - KMWorld, Tuesday, November 16th @ 11 am Eastern - Explainable AI; Trusting Algorithms

KMWorld 2021 is co-located with Taxonomy Boot Camp, Enterprise Search & Discovery, Text Analytics Forum, and Office 365 Symposium. These events, offer wide-ranging programs focused to meet the needs of executives and strategic business and technology decision-makers. It is a must-attend for those concerned with improving their organizations’ bottom line, business processes, and productivity, as well as streamlining operations and accelerating development and innovation within their evolving enterprises.

Press Releases

Smartlogic is Named one of KMWorld AI50 Companies Empowering Intelligent Knowledge Management 2021

Smartlogic, the leader in Semantic AI solutions, is named one of KMWorld AI50 – Companies Empowering Intelligent Knowledge Management 2021. This recognition spotlights innovative companies specializing in knowledge management “that are helping their customers excel in an increasingly competitive marketplace by imbuing products and services with intelligence and automation.”

Read the full press release

Smartlogic Listed in KMWorld Trend-Setting Products 2021

San Jose, CA - September 9th, 2021, Smartlogic’s Semantic AI platform - Semaphore - has been listed in the 2021 KMWorld Trend-Setting Products. This acknowledgment is given to organizations with products that stem from both radical innovation and continuous evolution, all with a theme of bringing value to organizations by transforming information into actionable insights.

Read the full press release


2021 Fall Training

Thinking about expanding your Semaphore knowledge – sign up for Fall training. Semaphore Foundation Training is underway, but you can still sign up for Semaphore Advanced, Administration, and Fact Extraction Framework training. To view courses and timings go to our events page.

Not sure where to start your training, visit our website training page to view pre-requisites and course information.

To register for training, email or contact your Smartlogic Account Manager.



If you missed our webinar – Supercharge Machine Learning Algorithms with Semantic Technologies with Steve Ingram and Frederick Bednar on July 29th, you can get the replay here.


More webinars are in the works, keep an eye on Life with Semaphore and our events page for announcements and registration information!

Smartlogic’s Social Media

To learn about upcoming events, webinars, and recent blog posts, follow us on:





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