The Semaphore - Smartlogic’s 2nd Quarter Newsletter 2021

The Semaphore - Smartlogic’s 2nd Quarter Newsletter 2021

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CEO Corner

A Semantic Framework to Data, Metadata, and Governance

There is a growing need for organizations to reveal and apply a 360o approach to enterprise data and its management. Traditional data management creates many dispersed data silos across the enterprise. Taking a semantic approach to data eliminates the effect of these silos and provides a 360o data governance, which greatly improves data quality, whether the data is structured or unstructured, internal, or external to the enterprise.

However, not all metadata management/data governance projects are created equal. There are three approaches to the use of semantic models in metadata management and data governance: Data Inventory, Data Catalog, and Business Data Catalog.

The most basic form - Data Inventory - uses a semantic model to represent the format of the data. While flexible, it provides little additional value on its own. However, when combined with a Data Catalog or a Business Data Catalog it becomes powerful.

A more advanced approach is to create a Data Catalog that models the semantics of the business infrastructure with a system or application-level model. This process identifies the relationship between systems and applications and the data they contain (i.e. represent systems affected by a compliance directive such as GDPR). The model can also include information about which user groups access the various systems and who is responsible for managing the systems etc.

The most advanced form of data governance - Business Data Catalog - integrates one or more business glossaries with the data catalog into a unified model. In the figure below, you can see the intersection of the business glossary and the data catalog. On the left, when the term Sales Collateral is selected, you can see where it fits within the business glossary as well as the link to the system where the content is stored (SharePoint intranet.) When the concept is selected, the view expands to include the elements from the data catalog that are relevant to the SharePoint Intranet. Similarly, a user can see what the business is using a particular system for as shown in the image on the right.

At Smartlogic we view metadata management projects along a spectrum – from the traditional SQL-based system inventory to the semantic benefits of harmonization, extraction, and creation of metadata. Semaphore’s capabilities allow the business glossary to be overlaid on top of the data catalog to create a business-centric view. This allows the glossary to be maintained by the appropriate business unit and the data catalog to be maintained by the infrastructure team. To implement the business data catalog, the models are simply linked together into a unified view.

Jeremy Bentley

CEO and Founder

Media Organization Leverages Automated Content Tagging

In today’s hyper-connected world, the focus on digital media presents publishers, information providers, and media organizations with unique challenges - from media production to developing new channels and markets, all while meeting constantly changing consumer expectations and information needs.

In the US alone, people spend approximately 44% of every day interacting with media and seven out of 10 homes have some form of content streaming. While competition is fierce, the industry is exhibiting growth; global media and entertainment revenues are forecast to reach $2.4 trillion in the next few years.

Building a successful brand in this dynamic ecosystem comes with challenges. Trying to compete in an overly fragmented marketplace is forcing media and publishing organizations to create more content and partnering with multiple distribution platforms – leading to even greater fragmentation. Once loyal audiences are frustrated as they attempt to find a coherent media experience across multiple platforms and devices.

Read how one organization integrated Semaphore, Smartlogic’s Semantic AI platform, into their digital ecosystem to create an automated, transparent, and consistent content classification process that results in precise and consistent tagging and improves customer and user search and retrieval experiences.


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Smartlogic’s User Community Forum

Our next User Community Forum meeting will be held on Wednesday, July 14th at 11 am Eastern. If you haven’t signed up yet, DO IT TODAY – it’s a great opportunity to meet and connect with like-minded Semaphore users to exchange tips, tricks, and best practices with the Semaphore platform and Knowledge Management topics.

Press Releases

Smartlogic is a Gold Medalist in the 2021 SoftwareReviews Metadata Management Data Quadrant

San Jose, CA, June 15th, 2021 – Smartlogic, the leader in Semantic AI technology, today announced that it has been recognized as a gold medalist and leader in the 2021 Metadata Management Data Quadrant report from SoftwareReviews, a division of IT research and consulting firm Info-Tech Research Group. The award is based on the collective knowledge of real users and placement is based on satisfaction with product features, vendor experience, capabilities, and emotional sentiment. See the full press release on our website.


2021 Fall Training

Thinking about expanding your Semaphore knowledge – sign up for Fall training. Semaphore Fall training kicks off in September, to view courses and timings go to our events page.

Not sure where to start your training, visit our website training page to view pre-requisites and course information. To register for training, email or contact your Smartlogic Account Manager.



If you missed our webinar – F.A.I.R. Data with Knowledge Graphs and AI with James Morris and Frederic Landqvist on April 29th, 2021, use this link to listen to the on-demand recording.

If you missed our webinar – Industry Conversations – How Enterprise Knowledge Graphs Solve Today’s Information Challenges with Jeremy Bentley, Dan McCreary, and Jans Aasman on May 26th, 2021, use this link to listen to the on-demand recording.


More webinars are in the works, keep an eye on our events page for announcements and registration information! -

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