The Data as a Service Revolution

The Data as a Service Revolution

January 22, 2016 0 Comments
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Big data volumes are growing exponentially, making it all the more important for firms to access, integrate, and analyze it. Currently 85% of Big Data is on premise, but with the increasing availability of Data as a Service (DaaS) and the Cloud, this trend is likely to change.

Real Time Data Enriches Analysis

Enterprises generally keep consumer and business intelligence data on premise. It is all essential to measuring performance and providing key insights, but what happens when you want to compare the hard-earned data you mined to external, third-party sources? DaaS providers allow you to integrate this external data without storing it on-premise or gathering it on your own.

For example, when integrating weather data with Sales data in order to gain insights over time, keeping an on premise, real-time database is not very feasible or practical. Integrating this data from a real-time weather data provider saves time and makes analysis all the more accurate.

The Case for DaaS

Recent advances in Big Data such as Hadoop, MongoDB, and Spark SQL are offering real-time data access from any place at any time. This allows DaaS providers to enable data access to more data sets than ever before, whether free data from government organizations or premium data. Rather than finding on premise storage space, DaaS providers allow real-time cloud access, which is especially attractive if this data is not needed long term. This allows for data to be packaged by volume, type, or specificity to better account for consumer needs and price points.

Evolution of Big Data Needs

Big Data continues to grow and change in its role in all kinds of industries and enterprises, creating a specific need for tailored approaches for every business. As huge amounts of data are mined from the IoT and consumers, storing and analyzing all of it becomes a daunting task. DaaS allows for business intelligence and analytics to be preformed for any period of time, anywhere from the cloud. The time of massive, unsearchable on-premise data lakes is over and the DaaS revolution has arrived.

How We Can Help

At Progress® DataDirect® we enable all of your BI and analytics for data-driven applications to be viewed through real-time dashboards without the need for a new firewall. All of your on-premise or legacy data from Salesforce and other Big Data systems quickly and easily integrates with any of our data sources. Try any of our products with a free trial today. For more information about DaaS take a look at Software Magazine’s article, “The Business of Data.”

Austin Hellman

Austin is a content strategist, social promoter and marketer at Progress with a passion for technology, data visualization and music. He keeps up to date on the data connectivity industry and discusses related topics in a visually appealing, thorough and easily understandable way.

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