Test Drive MarkLogic 9!

Test Drive MarkLogic 9!

Posted on March 10, 2017 0 Comments

MarkLogic 9, now in Beta, is our most ambitious release ever. It makes “The Best Database for Integrating Data from Silos” more powerful, more secure, and more manageable. You can begin testing by joining the Early Access program.

This Beta release is the result of a massive R&D effort — which brings features for data integration that can’t be found in any other platform. It also builds on MarkLogic’s industry-leading security capabilities to keep your integrated data away from prying eyes while allowing it to be safely shared in a secure and well-governed manner. The release also makes it easier to operate MarkLogic efficiently and effectively, and brings a raft of other enhancements.

Faster, Easier Data Integration

For years, MarkLogic’s flexible data model and universal index have made it the best platform for integrating data – especially as compared to traditional relational approaches which compromise flexibility and governance by limiting you to a rigid, tabular data model. MarkLogic 9 introduces a suite of new features that make the MarkLogic approach more powerful and more intuitive – and yield even faster time to results.

Building on our core architecture, MarkLogic 9 gives you the ability to view your data in any way that serves your needs. You can use the document model to get an integrated view of your business entities. You can use a graph model to relate those entities — or to represent other facts. You can even view the same data in a tabular format through our Optic API or our enhanced SQL engine. With this unprecedented flexibility, you can avoid expensive and brittle ETL and better manage the entities and relationships that define your business. The result is the data agility that every organization needs.

MarkLogic 9 enhances Data Integration with features such as:

  • Entity Services – Allows you to define the real-world entities, and the relationships between them, that define your business and drive your development process
  • Optic API – A powerful new query interface that lets developers combine documents, triples, and rows for unprecedented flexibility to execute joins and aggregates, and much more
  • Template Driven Extraction (TDE) – The underlying mechanism that allows developers to define a relational lens over their document data, which can then be queried using SQL or the new Optic API
  • Data Movement SDK – Integrating data from multiple systems starts with getting data from those systems. The Data Movement SDK allows you to do this easily, efficiently, and predictably in a programmatic fashion so that it can be integrated into your overall architecture

Industry-Leading Data Security

MarkLogic 9 brings new capabilities for governing your integrated data through the entirety of its lifecycle and securing it against increasing cybersecurity threats. After all, you are bringing together your most sensitive information from across your data silos – it has to be protected.

For over a decade, organizations have run MarkLogic in mission-critical environments, and these new data security features further solidify MarkLogic’s position as the most trusted NoSQL database for data governance. MarkLogic 9 is bigger than that though – it’s a major step towards making MarkLogic the most secure database, period.

MarkLogic enhances privacy and data security with features including:

  • Advanced Encryption – Protects data from hackers and insider threats using standards-based cryptography, advanced key management, granular separation of duties, and unique algorithms that drastically decrease exposure
  • Element-Level Security – Allows specific elements of documents to be hidden from particular users, providing an even more granular level of security than the document-level security that MarkLogic has had for many years
  • Redaction – Gives organizations the ability to safely share the right views of their data with the right audiences by removing or replacing sensitive information with other values in order to prevent leakage

MarkLogic 9 More Manageable. More Productive.

MarkLogic deployments are growing every day. Customers have more environments and more clusters replicating across more geographies. They are deploying in their own data centers, in the public cloud, and in hybrid configurations. Ops teams need great tools and technologies to help them manage this growth of mission critical applications, and that is what MarkLogic 9 provides. With a clear picture of their systems and improved tools, Ops teams can increase automation and focus more time on tasks that add value to the business.

MarkLogic 9 enhances manageability with features including:

  • Ops Director – Eases management for system administrators across multiple clusters, across cloud and on-premises systems, and across production, test and development environments. It is a single pane of glass for an organization’s entire MarkLogic infrastructure
  • Telemetry – This opt-in capability provides better and faster support by automating the data collection process required on most support tickets. It also lays the groundwork for predictive analysis in the future

Existing Capabilities Are Even Better

In addition to the enhancements to data integration, data security, and manageability, MarkLogic 9 includes major enhancements to existing capabilities. Including:

  • Compliance Archives makes it easier to store, manage, and secure historical data using time and event based policies
  • Tiered Storage, a feature for moving data to less expensive storage, is now faster and more flexible
  • Geospatial gets more advanced and precise
  • Search gets more robust with expanded language support and other improvements
  • Query Console gets JavaScript profiling and type-ahead suggestions
  • And, you can now run MarkLogic on the Microsoft* Azure Cloud

Of course, there are hundreds of other improvements that continue to set the bar high for Enterprise NoSQL. We encourage you to download this release and provide feedback.

For more details and to try out this Beta release

Early Access. Test drive the powerful MarkLogic 9 today!

Matt Allen

Matt Allen is a VP of Product Marketing Manager responsible for marketing all the features and benefits of MarkLogic across all verticals. In this role, Matt interfaces with the product and engineering team and with sales and marketing to create content and events that educate and inspire adoption of the technology. Matt is based at MarkLogic headquarters in San Carlos, CA and in his free time he is an artist who specializes in large oil paintings.


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