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Take the Progress BPM Challenge

Take the Progress BPM Challenge

September 04, 2014 0 Comments

Do you have visibility into your business processes? Are your business processes easy to monitor, so you can keep your workflow running smoothly? Can you change your business processes with models instead of code? Ask yourself these questions and more, when you take the Progress BPM Challenge in the infographic below!

So, why take the challenge? Whether you are an executive, a business analyst, or an application developer, you can gain more visibility into what drives your business processes and increase your ability to rapidly customize your applications so you can provide continuous process improvement. We’ve got the perfect solution to help you do that: OpenEdge BPM. OpenEdge BPM allows you to build competitive applications that meet your ever-changing business requirements and market demands from faster delivery leads to faster deployment. OpenEdge BPM lets you model your business processes instead of coding them, so you have the flexibility to customize and modify your processes more quickly.

To help you determine whether or not your business is on the right track to successful business process management (BPM) we’ve created the Progress OpenEdge Business Process Modeler. The Process Modeler is a free, simple-to-use visual modeling tool that will give you a better understanding of your current business processes. And we even have a short video that shows you exactly how to use it.

Take the challenge below, or click to download the OpenEdge Business Process Modeler and how-to video now.

Bethe Tomasek

Field Marketing Specialist at Progress

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