Synergizing Business Process Management and Business Rules Management with Progress OpenEdge 11.3

Synergizing Business Process Management and Business Rules Management with Progress OpenEdge 11.3

August 13, 2013 0 Comments

business process management whitepaperThe Progress OpenEdge 11.3 platform is now generally available on its own and as part of our Progress Pacific PaaS platform.  No matter how you choose to leverage the OpenEdge 11.3 platform, there are some excellent new features you can take advantage of that will allow you to build applications for a fast-paced, constantly-changing business environment.

With Business Process Management (BPM) and Business Rules Management (BRMS) capabilities available, OpenEdge 11.3 now makes it easy to externalize decisions from processes, allowing decisions and their underlying rules to be changed in real-time in response to changing market conditions. It also enables you to reduce errors by automating decisions that do not require human intervention, reduce training requirements for staff by eliminating the need for them to interpret policies and apply decisions manually, and improve policy enforcement and compliance by automating and providing forensics and transparency for compliance-related decisions.

Our whitepaper “Build for Change: Turn Policies into Action” explains the relationship between BPM and BRMS, and how they work as part of OpenEdge 11.3. Through the example of a loan approval process, the paper will show you how you can increase business agility using these features. Read the whitepaper here to learn more.

Gary Calcott

Gary is responsible for developing go-to-market strategies, providing technical marketing support and developing best practice materials for the Rollbase aPaaS platform.

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