Streamline Your Business Apps with OpenEdge BPM

Streamline Your Business Apps with OpenEdge BPM

July 01, 2013 0 Comments

Corticon BPM FlowWith market conditions constantly shifting and competition for customers becoming increasingly fierce, maintaining and developing business applications can often fall by the wayside. The path to successful business development relies heavily on consistency, reliability, and customer satisfaction. It’s all about rapid customization to improve agility and flexibility in your application offerings.

Progress OpenEdge Business Project Management (BPM) simplifies the production of business process applications and can help a company perform at its peak efficiency. It allows applications with hard-coded process logic to meet business objectives without incurring extra costs or increasing development time.

As a combination of BPM and the Progress OpenEdge application development platform, OpenEdge BPM guarantees a positive customer experience by replacing processes with application code and flexible workflows. This gives businesses the ability to tailor existing applications or build new ones from scratch.

Check out the video below to learn more on how Progress OpenEdge BPM can empower your businesses to adapt quickly to market conditions, reduce application development costs and shorten your time to market in the video below.

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