Standing Out from the Crowd with Sitefinity

Standing Out from the Crowd with Sitefinity

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Standing Out from the Crowd with Sitefinity_870_450

With the importance of a great digital experience only growing, picking the right CMS can set the foundation for your success.

Digital experiences have become the new competitive differentiators for many businesses across the globe. While factors like customer service and product innovation do matter, your prospects may not even get that far down the funnel if you aren’t engaging them with an exceptional digital experience in the first place. That’s not even touching on the importance of digital experience for retaining existing customers and keeping them coming back for more.

Of course, this is all pretty obvious stuff to any modern business professional. If you build it, they will come—provide a great experience and you’ll reap the rewards. However, while It’s easy to understand why a good digital experience is necessary, the hard part has always been (and continues to be) bringing these experiences to life.

The fact of the matter is that many companies suffer a disconnect when trying to execute on their visions. They have great ideas and all the right intentions, but there is often a snag somewhere with the digital experience—maybe it doesn’t align with the brand identity or it doesn’t create a real connection with prospects. Perhaps there are even technical issues that bring it down. Regardless of the cause, the end result is a digital experience that could be so much more.

Picking the Right Tool for the Job

While there are many vital components that contribute to a successful digital experience, the focus often shifts to the content management system that lies at the foundation. You CMS decision can have a huge impact on what you can and can’t do with your digital experience—aspects like ease of use, scalability, flexibility, integration and feature capabilities can make or break a project depending on its scope.

To be clear, technology alone won’t guarantee a great digital experience. But there are dozens of different CMS platforms to choose from and each has their own strengths and weaknesses, so it’s important to choose one that will set you up to execute on your vision. Making the right choice early on can ensure everything else goes as planned.

Of course, I might be biased, but Sitefinity is a pretty good CMS for creating modern omnichannel digital experiences. More than 11,000 websites across the globe are powered by Sitefinity, and these websites also cover all sorts of different use cases and industries. Whether it’s being used as an employee intranet at an international accounting firm or powering the digital experience of famous sports teams, Sitefinity can handle a wide swath of different customer needs.

Delivering Award-Winning Experiences with Sitefinity

I know what you’re thinking—11,000 websites is a big number, but quality trumps quantity. And I would tend to agree. Fortunately, Sitefinity is also a great option for building rich, innovative digital experiences as well. In fact, several of our partners and their customers were recently recognized for using Sitefinity to create some truly imaginative and unique digital experiences.

The Horizon Interactive Awards is an international competition that has run for 15+ years now, recognizing the best of the best in terms of websites, videos, online advertising, print media and mobile applications. Each year, more than 10,000 websites from 40 countries across the globe are entered into the competition.

Several Sitefinity customers and implementation partners were recognized by the Horizon Interactive Awards for delivering best-in-class digital experiences. Here are some of the noteworthy ones that show off the true power of Sitefinity:

Blackbaud (in Partnership with — Gold

Blackbaud develops software solutions specifically geared toward nonprofit organizations, with an emphasis on fundraising, customer relationship management, analytics, ticketing and more. With Sitefinity, Blackbaud has been able to create a beautiful website that presents a modern digital experience, complete with responsive design and mobile support.

Change Healthcare (in Partnership with — Silver

Change Healthcare provides revenue and payment cycle management systems as well as clinical information exchange solutions to accelerate value-based healthcare. Sitefinity enabled Change Healthcare to consolidate its various legacy sites into a single highly interactive digital experience that seamlessly directs visitors to relevant content.

Invo Healthcare (in Partnership with Spinutech) — Gold

Invo Healthcare is a behavioral health and special education organization that specializes in school-based and early intervention placement services. With multi-site management capabilities from Sitefinity, Invo can easily manage its entire portfolio of sites from a single location, which not only improves administration efficiency but also the consistency of the brand between sites.

Our partners and customers are all incredibly creative, and we’re proud to be able to support their efforts as they realize their creative visions and earn the recognition they deserve. Want to bring your digital experience to life as these customers have? Sign up for a Sitefinity demo today and discover how our CMS can help you create rich, omnichannel experiences that engage your customers on their terms.

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Lynne Boudreau

Lynne Boudreau

Lynne Boudreau was a Partner Account Manager at Progress.


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