Sitefinity Thunder Webinar Notes

Sitefinity Thunder Webinar Notes

April 19, 2012 0 Comments

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I would like to offer my thanks to everyone who attended today's Webinar on Sitefinity Thunder. I am working on making a video available as soon as possible, so please watch this space for updates (I'll also post an update on Twitter).

I'm also compiling the Q&A, getting details on some questions, and will update this post soon.

Webinar Video

Watch on YouTube

Thunder Download and Information

Sitefinity Thunder is available on the Visual Studio Gallery, from the Extensions manager of Visual Studio, as well as from your Sitefinity account.


Below are some questions from the webinar attendees. If your question wasn't answered then or below, please feel free to post in the Sitefinity Thunder Forum.

What about page selectors, htmlfields, and other advanced stuff in control designers?
We plan to provide some default selectors and item templates for a selector (pages, images, etc.) that will be associated with properties that are Guids.

What about master pages for themes?
Creating master pages with themes is in our immediate plans, watch the release notes for more information.

What versions of Sitefinity can use Thunder?
Thunder supports versions starting for 4.2 SP1.

Any plans to create a backdoor API, that doesn't need to be administrator or count against license limitations?
Yes, this is planned for the next major release, Sitefinity 5.1.

Will remote installation/deployment become an option? or will download, extract and ftp upload remain the default?
Remote Sitefinity installation is not in the plans for Thunder. For the moment the current Project Manager solution will stay.

When Masterpages are supported in Thunder, will Sitefinity theme projects be backwards compatible?
Masterpages are in our plan for one of the next releases (in a month or so) and we'll keep backward compatibility.

Will the intellisense and VS Toolbox functionality work with custom module, custom content types? Meaning will our custom properties show up automatically as well?
Thunder works with all the modules, including those created by the module builder.

Can you insert validation when creating the designer? Yes, you can also use some of the fieldcontrols in Sitefinity which support various validation options.

Would you please clarify what criteria Thunder looks at when creating a designer for a previous control?
Thunder looks for all the custom and user controls in the project.

Please allow Thunder to use downloaded templates from
There is a small issue which will be fixed in the next release.

With the inability to write to the disk on an Azure server, can Thunder connect to an Azure hosted website and connect or do we always have to use localhost and publish to Azure after? Some of the features will work with remote instances like Azure, but it is always advisable to work locally, then publish.

Will there be support for VB? This is in the plans for the next release.

How can I install and connect thunder to production environment? You can go to the Connection Settings, select the connection where you would like to upgrade Thunder. Then click on the ""Download"" button and you will be able to save the files that need to be placed in your Sitefinity folders. Just put the .zip file in your Sitefinity folder and unzip it. You need to have some version of Thunder already installed for this to work.

Does Sitefinity Thunder support VS2011?
Yes it is already supported.

what about if my properties are not string or int, but a page or custom type?
We plan to provide some predefined selectors that will work with Guids, similar to how it already works in Sitefinity.

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