Sitefinity Module and WebUI Test Studio

Sitefinity Module and WebUI Test Studio

May 05, 2009 0 Comments

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WebUI Test Studio is very powerful tool for functional testing of Web 2.0 applications and Sitefinity is one of the leading CMS for Web 2.0 sites. In addition to this, Sitefinity heavily relies on Telerik Asp.Net Ajax controls: building blocks of Sitefinity pages and fully supported test objects of WebUI Test Studio. So when you put these two together you get a very fast, very safe product developing cycle.


Here are some tips on how useful the WebUI Test Studio can be when developing Sitefinity Module.

1. Sitefinity Module bare-bones at a test

The WebUI Test Studio is very easy to use and very flexible, so as soon as you ready with the Module bare bones and templates you can start recording you first "smoke" tests. This is also very useful when adding additional functionality or refactoring the code. At the end of each test you can make sure that everything is working as it should.

2. CSS classes and HTML elements style

As soon as the Module's skinning is done you can add the CSS class and the HTML elements to the "Smoke" test, thus creating a more complex functional test. This is a nice way to check if everything is "there" at each stage of testing and bug fixing. Here is a screen shot on how easy is to add and check the CSS styles of simple button control via the WebUI Test Studio's Sentence builder.


Css style in the Sentence builder


3. WebUI translators

One of the most important features of WebUI Test Studio are the Telerik Asp.NET Ajax control translators.

Building a Sitefinity Module is really easy and with the Telerik Asp.NET Ajax controls is even easier, but testing the proper functionality of these very complex controls in your Module is the most time consuming. This is the place to use the WebUI Test Studio Translators.


With the RadTabStrip translator you can check the tabs' names, order, select status etc. By just two mouse clicks.


With the RadEditor translator checking the Editor's proper size, text content,html content, tools state is much easier than go around with a tool like FireBug each time.

GridView control is one of the most commonly used controls in ASP.NET applications. Checking things like sorting, size, number of items, column names, selected row etc. used to be very time consuming but now thanks to the RadGrid translator this is thing of the past.

There are other translator that are not mentioned. This is just to show how fast and easy developing with Sitefinity and WebUI Test Studio can be.


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