Sitefinity Hits the Road—Join the Experience Evolution Today

Sitefinity Hits the Road—Join the Experience Evolution Today

Posted on February 05, 2019 0 Comments
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Today’s customer demands personalized experiences with rich content that are delivered instantly through their preferred channels. Join the Experience Evolution and learn how to exceed customer expectations!

The importance of a great digital experience has grown a lot over the last two decades, going from a “nice to have” to a “need to have” to a “need to be the best.” This year, customer experiences will be major initiatives for many organizations.

At the same time, as marketers, delivering a truly memorable and unique digital experience has never been so difficult. Competition has pushed every company to rethink the way they engage their customers and prospects.

Standing Out with Sitefinity

Progress Sitefinity is uniquely positioned to help our customers deliver on both ends of the spectrum. It’s a modern digital experience platform (DXP) that is capable of powering highly personalized, engaging digital experiences that meet and exceed customer expectations across digital touchpoints. It’s also designed to be highly scalable and flexible, enabling us, as marketers, to create and manage complex digital experiences with ease.

Want to see how Sitefinity can help you in the modern digital business landscape? Good news—the Sitefinity team will be in Chicago, Illinois, and Cincinnati, Ohio, next week! Our Experience Evolution event is designed to show you how to make the most of Sitefinity. This will be a half-day event full of learning and networking opportunities—and, how could we forget, food! By attending the event, you will be better positioned to succeed with your digital customer experiences this year and beyond.

The team will be hitting important topics like:

  • How a DXP can help you avoid insurmountable technical and marketing debt
  • Why personalization is important and how it helps you influence customers
  • How omnichannel delivery is changing the way digital experiences are made
  • What we’re doing with Sitefinity to help you create better digital experiences

There’s Still Time to Join

Sound like fun? Join us at the Experience Evolution! There is still plenty of time to register, so go ahead and save your seat.


Hope to see you there!

Susan Koutalakis

Susan Koutalakis

Susan Koutalakis has more than a decade of marketing, public relations agency and corporate communications experience, specifically in building and executing public relations, analyst relations, social media, product launches, webinar, customer reference and online marketing programs. Previously, she’s worked for both emerging and established companies with a focus on areas such as application development, mobile, interactive and social media, SaaS, marketing, and eCommerce technologies.


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