Sitefinity 5.3 Ecommerce Highlights

Sitefinity 5.3 Ecommerce Highlights

December 27, 2012 0 Comments

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In Sitefinity Ecommerce 5.3, we’ve added Inventory Management, the most requested Ecommerce feature on PITS as well as some new features with promotions and discounts. 

Inventory Management

Inventory can be tracked at the product level or at the product variations level. Products can remain visible on the site even if they are out of stock which will be handled by showing stock availability messages on the detail page allowing your customers to read about the product which will help increase SEO rankings. Inventory management will prevent over selling allowing orders to be fulfilled and shipped resulting in happier customers.

Discounts & Promotions

Shoppers always love a deal!  Offering special promotions to customers in these segments can drive traffic to your store increasing sales and profits.

We’ve added the ability to limit the number of times a discount can be used.  This would be a great promotional feature for an online store to have shoppers rush to the store to place their order because the discount will apply only to the first 100 customers. 

Also, discounts can be restricted to a specific list of customers.  The discount can be applied to all customers, existing customers, new customers, customers using a coupon code or to customer in selected users or roles.

An example would be a promotion targeting all of the existing customers to “Thank” them for their patronage so on their next order they will receive a discount. Or, merchants can create a promotion for new customers (shoppers who have not purchased from the store yet) offering them a discount.  Or, they can set up a promotion for a specific user – this could be useful if a customer has an issue and Customer Service wants to give them a special discount to entice them to return. 

Another way a merchant can increase sales is to target a particular group of people. Maybe there are 1000 shoppers who are highly valued and they have been assigned to the “High Value” role.  The merchant can create a promotion and offer a discount for anyone in that role.

These are just some of the highlights in Sitefinity 5.3.  My next blog will give more in-depth description of Inventory Management.  Feel free to leave me comments and please use PITS to let me know of the Ecommerce features you would like to see soon.

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