Scalability, Availability and Security: Meet OpenEdge 11.7

Scalability, Availability and Security: Meet OpenEdge 11.7

Posted on April 04, 2017 0 Comments
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The latest release of OpenEdge enhances your ability to respond to the pressure and expectations of today’s business landscape. Build, scale and protect mission-critical business applications that are flexible enough to continuously evolve with your business.

Technology continues to evolve at an accelerating pace and complacency has quickly become a one-way ticket to irrelevancy. This is why our CEO, Yogesh Gupta, reaffirmed our commitment to the Progress OpenEdge platform earlier this year. We realize your OpenEdge applications are absolutely vital to the way you do business, so we want to ensure the OpenEdge platform continues to evolve so that you can keep building and delivering the world’s best business applications.

OpenEdge 11.7, the latest release of our long-standing application development platform, provides our customers with highly innovative capabilities that enhance the way they develop and deploy their applications. When we set out to create the 11.7 release, we had three specific goals in mind: improving operations at scale, maximizing the uptime and availability of applications and fortifying application security.

Operating at Scale

Businesses are more reliant on their data than ever before. However, as enterprises grow, so too does the volume of data they collect and the number of data sources they use. If all this data isn’t consistent and accurate across all applications, it can cause some huge growing pains. Companies need to improve their data management to ensure the data they feed into other systems is accurate.

Enter OpenEdge Change Data Capture (CDC), a new database enhancement that provides businesses the ability to track and save only the changes to data—regardless of where they occur—to facilitate accurate, efficient ETL synchronization with other data sources, repositories and warehouses.

With OpenEdge CDC, companies can minimize the time, effort and cost typically spent extracting and synching the OpenEdge database with other data sources, enabling them to drive business process improvement and make more insightful business decisions. 

Maintaining High Availability

Applications drive today’s businesses, which means uptime is of the utmost importance. Businesses expect their applications to be up and running 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year—anything less could have major consequences.

OpenEdge 11.7 introduces two new features to ensure uninterrupted access to systems and information: Replication Target Synchronization and Online Index Activation.

Replication Target Synchronization provides a three-pronged failover approach for ongoing maintenance and automatic transition in case of unplanned downtime. You can configure the RDBMS for manual or automatic transition to meet your business needs.

Online Index Activation enables you to add new indexes to the schema without downtime. Add indexes at your convenience, but deploy changes when ready without disrupting the application. Implement with ease for improved performance.

Enhancing Application Security

These days, it’s difficult to scan the newspaper front page without reading about some form of data breach. Whether it’s credit card theft at a retailer, compromised intellectual property in the corporate world or even communication leaks at the political level, security is top of mind for organizations across the globe.

In OpenEdge 11.7, we’re helping customers fortify their OpenEdge applications with OpenEdge Authentication Gateway. With OpenEdge Authentication Gateway, you can ensure the right users are getting the right access to the right information. All access requests are redirected to a secure token service (STS) that confirms user legitimacy and protects businesses from malicious data manipulation.

Learn More About OpenEdge 11.7

While these three focus areas were our top priority in OpenEdge 11.7, they only begin to scratch the surface of what’s new in the latest release. For a more comprehensive overview, visit the OpenEdge website. To hear what Progress Partners are saying about our newest release, check out our 11.7 highlight video.

For a full rundown of the 11.7 release, watch the Power Your Business with OpenEdge 11.7 webinar. To get an overview of the full OpenEdge platform including the latest enhancements, read Building Apps of the Future

Tanya O’Connor

Tanya O’Connor

Tanya O’Connor is a former senior director of product marketing at Progress.


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