Sax N.V. Boosts Revenue 10-13% in 4 Months with New Mobile App

Sax N.V. Boosts Revenue 10-13% in 4 Months with New Mobile App

Posted on November 19, 2014 0 Comments

There’s no question that mobility is changing the way we do business and the way entire industries operate. The prevalence of smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices has driven companies to innovate, develop mobile applications and focus on the advantages of mobility to drive increased business efficiency and revenue, as well as please customers.

For years, Belgium-based, Sax N.V., a leading wholesaler of HVAC, renewable energy, bathroom, spa/hot tub and sauna products, relied on a simple ERP solution to run almost every area of its business. But as more robust technologies emerged and customer requirements changed, they found their existing app just could not fit the bill. Sax N.V. knew they needed to modernize their application, take advantage of mobility to bring in more revenue, and make things easier for their customers. So that’s exactly what they did!

Working with its partner of 14 years, and Progress’ partner of 20 years, b-inside, Sax gave its e-commerce webshop a serious facelift using Progress OpenEdge v11 for better performance, security and more. But it didn’t stop there, Sax also wanted to create an e-commerce app that customers could use to access the webshop from their smart phones or tablets on-the-go.

Without hesitation, b-inside jumped on the opportunity to use the Progress OpenEdge Mobile app builder and visual designer to produce a feature-rich mobile app for both iOS and Android. The write-once, run anywhere approach of OpenEdge allowed b-inside to develop and deliver a stunning mobile app which could be deployed quickly and successfully.

Sax quickly saw the benefits of this new OpenEdge-based SaxMobile app, as it allowed customers to order products and view installation manuals of products in the field, scan barcodes, search the nearest Sax store or showroom and even access account information, billing and invoices. And, even better, it drove Sax revenue by 10-13% year over year in just 4 months! Did I mention that the app gained more than 600 users in that short time period? Pretty exciting - if I do say so myself!

Want to learn more about how OpenEdge Mobile enables companies to build mobile apps and address growing customer demands for more robust and sophisticated web and mobile apps…AND how it can help drive your revenue like it did for Sax N.V.? Click here to learn more.

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