Release of Progress DataXtend Browser for CIM

Release of Progress DataXtend Browser for CIM

Posted on September 27, 2012 0 Comments

We’re looking forward to the release of a new browser before the end of the year. The Progress® DataXtend® Browser for CIM will facilitate interoperability between applications used by electric utility organizations. As with our other Browsers, theDataXtend CIM Model Browser will be a free software tool. This one is for developers and data architects working with electric power transmission and distribution utilities to address data integration issues that impact their business.

The CIM (Common Information Model) is a vendor-neutral information model developed by the electric power industry, and officially adopted by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) to support the IEC 61970 and IEC 61968 series of integration standards and provide a common vocabulary for electric utilities. The CIM is also used to derive design artifacts (e.g. XML Schema, RDF Schema) as needed for the integration of related application software. Built on top of Progress DataXtend Semantic Integrator (SI), the DataXtend Browser for CIM lets you visually explore the CIM model.

The DataXtend Browser enables more effective use of standards by providing a tool that allows all participants, from business owners and analysts to developers, to share a common and simplified view of their respective domains.

Phillip Jones, Director, Solution Development at Xtensible Solutions, had this to say, "Adopting a common model is a strategic decision for creating a de-coupled architecture. The Progress DataXtend Browser for CIM helps make it a simple one. Using the CIM makes it exponentially easier to exchange data between disparate software components. The DataXtend Browser is a must-have for customers embarking on the transition."

The Progress DataXtend Browser for CIM will be available before the end of the year as a free download, along with the current browsers, the Progress DataXtend Browser for SID (the information model for the telecommunications industry) and the Progress DataXtend Browser for ACORD (the information model for the insurance industry). We’ll keep you posted.

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