• Table Partitioning

    OpenEdge Table Partitioning

    OpenEdge table partitioning allows you to design database layouts based on specific data values or ranges. Physically separating data into partitions improves performance, maintenance and data availability.

  • Business Process Management

    Business Process Management Software (BPM)

    The first business process-enabled application development platform for delivering dynamic business process applications

  • Mobile Development

    OpenEdge Mobile

    "Write once, run anywhere" support for Mobile App Development and deployment

  • Corticon Business Rules Management System - BRMS

    BRMS for OpenEdge

    Enables Business and IT users to author, improve, collaborate on, and maintain decision logic

  • OpenEdge Management


    Consistently operate and manage applications that provide critical information to your business users

  • OpenEdge Replication


    Provides 24x7 Disaster Protection of your Mission-Critical Systems

  • Relational Database Management System (RDBMS)

    Relational Database Management System (RDBMS)

    Open, scalable, highly available and reliable database solution to meet the demands of SaaS/cloud computing, client/server, and appserver environments


  • Mobile Application Development

    Integrated, "everything-in-the-box" mobile UI development platform to quickly and easily extend existing, or create new, OpenEdge apps to support mobile users

  • Productivity And Personalization

    Streamline application processes and accelerate productivity to build business applications faster and improve customer service

  • OpenEdge Disaster Recovery

    Improve reliability by monitoring, identifying, preventing and resolving problems before they arise - that's the essence of disaster recovery business continuity planning

  • OpenEdge: Application Integration

    Seamlessly connect applications across multi-application, multi-site, distributed environments, and guarantee the timely and continuous delivery of business services connected to your OpenEdge application.

TechTip - Introduction to OpenEdge 11.3 -- the productivity release

A tour of a loan approval process built with OpenEdge BPM.