QAD Delivers High Productivity with Progress

QAD Delivers High Productivity with Progress

February 05, 2014 0 Comments

QAD Sparks InnovationProgress long-time partner QAD, a leading provider of enterprise software and services designed specifically for global manufacturing companies, uses Progress OpenEdge as its core development platform to help serve more than 5,000 manufacturers in 90 countries across the world.

QAD EVP & Chief Marketing Officer, Gordon Fleming states that compared to other development tools, he’s seen a 2-3X increase in productivity from his developers. He says the company has also been able to bring applications to market faster and deliver better business benefits to customers. Progress solutions have brought tremendous efficiency to QAD by allowing them to minimize their hardware resources and reduce staffing requirements, while at the same time helping take advantage of innovative technologies.

Watch this short clip to see how QAD has been effectively growing their business with Progress since 1984.

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