Progress Announces Q4 results - Here are some highlights

Progress Announces Q4 results - Here are some highlights

Posted on December 22, 2009 0 Comments

Progress Software (NASDAQ: PRGS) just announced their Q4 earnings release. To summarize, it says "Earnings Up in Q4; Progress® Actional® Revenue Up with Triple-Digit Growth; Progress® Apama® Revenue Up with Double-Digit Growth." What I really thought was interesting was the Q4 highlights. The majority of wins involve building or enhancing an integrated infrastructure, and application modernization - both topics we cover in this blog. In case you missed the release, I've included these highlights below. Enjoy!

Q4 Highlights

  • Progress Software announced that the Progress® Sonic® ESB (enterprise service bus) is deployed and operational at British Airport Authority’s (BAA) Heathrow Airport Terminal 5.

    The Progress solution enables BAA to provide airport integration capabilities using the Sonic ESB product. This includes the creation of reusable integration services for new Terminal 5 systems and of specialist adaptors for the integration of existing key operational BAA systems, such as the Airport Operational Database Integration. (Tag: Application Integration)

  • Progress Software has successfully enabled more than 250 Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to deploy thousands of on-demand, SaaS applications over the past five years.  These ISVs use the Progress® OpenEdge® SaaS platform to build applications that are used in some of the most demanding and diverse business environments in the world. (Tag: Cloud Computing)
  • British Airways selected Progress Software SOA Solutions to upgrade their travel experience.  The UK’s largest international airline, British Airways (BA), will use the Progress portfolio of SOA solutions as a key part of its travel program to upgrade its IT systems by integrating over 600 different electronic systems and processes involved in getting BA passengers in the air. The flexibility of the Progress SOA portfolio allows BA to extend the features of its e-commerce site right through to its airports, by allowing greater self-service functionality and 'plug and play' capability. (Tag: SOA Success)
  • match2blue stands out from the crowd with the Progress® Apama® Business Event Processing (BEP) platform by adding real-time capability to next-generation social networking. Enterprise platform enabler for mobile solutions, match2blue (, has selected the Apama platform to empower its social networking platform with real-time information on location, ideas, news and trends.  The Apama BEP platform will form a crucial part of match2blue’s back-end infrastructure, providing the performance and scalability needed, as well as supporting its business partners, who will be operating the location-based services to control and monitor their operations through dashboards. (Tag: Complex Event Processing)
  • Alphameric Solutions Ltd, the leading solutions provider to the gaming industry, selected the Sonic ESB to revolutionize the way it handles content and messages across its network. Relying on highly complex and automated processes to deliver odds, prices, race information and documents across a distributed architecture – most needing to be handled in a sub-hundred millisecond timeframe – Alphameric needed a simpler way to incorporate new or updated information in real-time. (Tag: SOA Best Practices)
  • West Bend Mutual Insurance Company has selected the Sonic ESB (enterprise service bus) and Actional products to underpin a service-oriented architecture (SOA) based IT infrastructure.   West Bend Mutual Insurance, a property and casualty insurance carrier, is pulling together dozens of disparate internal policy administration applications into a single integrated insurance portal. (Tag: Distributed SOA)
  • Progress Software announced the availability of the Apama 4.2 Event Processing Platform.  The Apama 4.2 release extends the capabilities of the previously announced Apama Parallel Correlator, and introduces significant new developer productivity features that accelerate the deployment of event processing applications. The Apama Parallel Correlator leverages multi-core, multi-processor hardware to deliver high throughput, low latency execution that has achieved seven-fold performance improvements, as benchmarked with real-world customer applications. (Tag: Event Driven SOA)
  • Slumberland, a leading furniture retailer, is now using standards-based data connectivity products from Progress® DataDirect® for reliable, high-performance support for all their major databases and 64-bit operating systems, for reliable connectivity to their Oracle applications, and streamlined reporting to improve fulfillment and customer satisfaction. (Tag: Semantic Data Integration)
  • Progress unveiled the industry's first mainframe SQL engine for non-relational data, which can leverage zIIP specialty processors for lowering a mainframe’s total cost of ownership (TCO), with the announcement of its DataDirect Shadow Release 7.2.1.  The DataDirect Shadow release includes ANSI SQL-92 to Non-Relational Data with zIIP Offload and new capabilities that lower costs and attract new process-intense workloads to the mainframe.

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