Progress OpenEdge Custom Application Development at Your Service

Progress OpenEdge Custom Application Development at Your Service

Posted on January 21, 2020 0 Comments
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Accelerate your team's performance when you need it most with Custom Application Development for OpenEdge from the Progress Services team.

As we’ve transitioned from an industrial age to a digital age, talent has become the primary competitive advantage for most organizations. When it comes to OpenEdge application development for your business, there’s no better talent than the experts from the Progress Professional Services Team. In addition to Application Modernization, this team offers custom application development which can help to maximize your team’s performance with a tactical asset without the financial and administrative burden of onboarding full-time employees.

Seasoned professionals with OpenEdge expertise in the areas shown below are available and ready to meet the needs of your business and perform as an extension of your team.

OpenEdge Professional Services Expertise

Maximize Your Team’s Performance

Progress Custom Application Development experts can build applications, create modules, coach and/or mentor or extend the functionality of your existing solution. Our team of experts have the know-how to optimize your OpenEdge architecture and maximize the performance of solutions that you already have. Our best-in-class consultants perform as an extension of your team with the ability to easily integrate into your existing infrastructure. And, as an added bonus, your team will have the ability to learn new skills while our consultants are on-hand.

Create Cost and Resource Efficiencies

OpenEdge Custom Application Development allows the flexibility to scale resources based on your organization’s ever-evolving needs while managing budgets responsibly. Just imagine… Your business will have the ability to efficiently manage costs as your resourcing needs goes through ebbs and flows and seasonal fluctuations. It doesn’t matter whether you have a short-term resource need or a project that will span several years, your organization will have the flexibility to vary the length of your engagement.

Expedite the Onboarding Process

Recruitment can be a time-consuming and expensive process. When hiring a new resource, recruiters have to source candidates, vet them, and navigate through the interview process. Onboarding and training newly hired staff also adds to your organization’s workload and expenses. Leveraging the experts from the Progress Professional Services Team leads to significant cost savings: recruiting, employee benefits and underutilized staff can all add to the bottom line. With Progress OpenEdge Custom Development, you can add capacity to your team while efficiently managing cost and resources.

Scale Up or Down to Meet Your Specific Need

In many cases, it can take months to source, hire and onboard full-time technical talent. Such a timeframe is unacceptable when your business requires a special skill-set for technical projects with critical deadlines. Unfilled positions cause delays that can affect your bottom line. However, the reality is that your business needs can change, and the ability to respond with an agile staffing model is essential. Our Customized Application Development arms your organization with the ability to quickly adapt staffing strategies with the ever changes needs of your business

Whether it is maximizing your team’s performance, cutting costs or getting the hands-onboard to complete projects quickly, Progress OpenEdge Custom Application Development experts can balance your team’s workload while controlling costs. Progress consultants are available when and where you need them, for as long as you need them. Contact an Account Manager from our Professional Services Team to discuss your OpenEdge Custom Application Development needs today.

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Rochelle Wheeler

Rochelle Wheeler is a Global Demand Generation Marketing Lead with Progress’ Infrastructure Team and focuses her efforts on the Kemp LoadMaster load balancing solution. With over two decades of successful marketing and project management experience, she has launched campaigns for companies ranging from boutique agencies to Fortune 500 enterprises. You can follow her on LinkedIn.


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