Programming Languages and the Importance of ODBC

Programming Languages and the Importance of ODBC

March 28, 2014 0 Comments

A few weeks back a colleague and I were driving through Seattle, and we began to debate the reach of ODBC as a key data standard.  His perspective was that ODBC was really a C/C++ technology, and that as people have largely moved to other programming languages, the importance of ODBC has declined as well.  Well, I didn’t buy that argument but needed to do some research before I could refute him.  As I mainly tinker with iOS development these days, my awareness of what is happening in the programming world at large is well out-of-date.

Well, it didn’t take long to dig up some examples:

What is interesting is that most of the examples here refer to relational databases.  But in case you didn’t already know, what Progress DataDirect also does really well is make any cloud application and Big Data, NoSQL database look and feel just like a relational database.  So let’s say you want to do things like:

  • Connect PHP to Salesforce
  • Connect Erlang to MongoDB
  • Connect Python to Apache Hive
  • Connect Perl to Marketo
  • Connect Ruby to Microsoft Dynamics
  • Etc...

You can download Progress DataDirect for ODBC to make each of these data sources feel as if it were a SQL Server or MySQL database.  Start here if you’re interested:

And to my colleague, you owe me a burger and beer.  I’ll see you in Austin!


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