ProCloud Award 2012 — Top Honors for ALVARA AG

ProCloud Award 2012 — Top Honors for ALVARA AG

Posted on November 19, 2012 0 Comments

Here’s another great example of delivering innovative, next-generation Cloud Services on the OpenEdge platform. The combination of the deep domain knowledge of our Application Partners together with the underlying strength and flexibility of OpenEdge is fueling new business models.

Leipzig, Nov. 1, 2012 – ALVARA Cash Management Group AG, a provider of an ICC platform for cash-in-transit companies, has received the Best Cloud Service 2012 award.  The company was recognized for one of the best ideas in cloud computing by the Institute for Cloud Computing (IfCC) and SAP AG at this year's Forum Voice + IP.

The competition is spit into two categories, Best Cloud Service and Best Cloud Idea. It focuses on solutions and concepts built around the cloud computing principle in which access to required data is provided at any time through virtualized IT resources.

With its Interactive Cash Control internet platform, AVARA AG provides a wide range of capabilities for managing cash processes. The platform allows banks, financial institutions, and retail operations to manage and optimize their cash logistics and currency holdings themselves from a secure and central location. The platform also supports the CashEDI standard of Deutsche Bundesbank, Germany's central bank. More than 5300 users from all industries administer over 32,000 branches and cash machines across Europe using the ALVARA platform.

The technological foundation of the online platform is a service-oriented, multilayer architecture comprising a web app, a control layer, a business logic layer, and an Oracle database. The application was created with Progress OpenEdge, a development platform for cloud applications from Progress Software.

SAP AG chose to sponsor the ProCloud Award in order to enhance the public image of cloud computing and foster the continued development of cloud-based solutions.

ALVARA AG Board Chairman Bernd Hohlfeld views winning the 2012 ProCloud Award not only as an affirmation of what his company has already accomplished, but also as added motivation to continue expanding the ALVARA platform.


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