PRGS Announces the RPM Suite - A Convergence of BTA, BEP, and BPM

PRGS Announces the RPM Suite - A Convergence of BTA, BEP, and BPM

Posted on March 15, 2010 0 Comments

It’s been raining here in Massachusetts for 3 days straight, but today I got to add a NEW acronym to my arsenal...

Introducing RPM - Responsive Process Management

In case you missed it, a Progress Software press release went out this morning that announced the launch of our NEW Progress Responsive Process Management (RPM) suite. The Progress RPM suite brings together our best-in-class solutions for Business Process Management (BPM), Business Transaction Assurance (BTA), and Business Event Processing (BEP) (most commonly referred to as Complex Event Processing (CEP)). The Progress RPM suite will enable enterprises to achieve a higher level of business performance than previously possible. It is scheduled to launch in late April, and the market opportunity for this type of solution is expected to be greater than $10 billion [based on IDC Research*]. The release includes a quote from Maureen Fleming, program director of IDC's business process management and middleware research service:

“Over the past two years, one of the fastest-growing areas of software investment by enterprises has been to improve their situational awareness. Logically, the next step is broadening the focus to not only gain visibility into problems or opportunities but to rapidly respond. Enterprises will increasingly look for vendors that offer a knowledgeable and comprehensive approach to building this next generation of critical business applications."

It may sound like a pretty complicated implementation but core to the Progress Responsive Process Management suite is the Progress Control Tower™, a unified product dashboard, or GUI, that displays real-time alerts, interactive interfaces and tools. The Control Tower will provide users with the ability to view what is happening within their business and to improve it from a single source - thereby gaining greater ROI. It’s fully configurable, feature-rich, interactive framework delivers a wealth of relevant, KPIs and business information. What’s more, a powerful modeling environment enables new business processes to be rapidly created, modeled, monitored, controlled and improved dynamically.

To learn more, read our 7 page brochure and visit our website. We've also written the white paper Achieving Operational Responsiveness Through Responsive Process Management that you can register for.

Over the coming months, we’ll introduce more collateral, white papers, and webinars so stay tuned.



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