Post-Webinar Post: OpenAccess Integration in Sitefinity

Post-Webinar Post: OpenAccess Integration in Sitefinity

April 01, 2013 0 Comments

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This post comes to complete my webinar from March 28th, "OpenAccess Integration in Sitefinity".

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Here are the relevant links which were shared in the webinar:

The Recorded Webinar & PowerPoint File

The PowerPoint presentation can be downloaded at This link.
The webinar is currently available on demand for free view at the following link:
OA webinar on demand

OpenAccess integration with Sitefinity - webinar drinking game!

Consume 1 drink when:
  • The word "database" is said.
  • The name "OpenAccess" is mentioned.
  • A recommendation to browse the documentation is given.
  • A recommendation to use the samples kit is given.


To follow-up the questions which were asked during the webinar, I've arranged them as Q&A's.

Q:   Telerik not put out for VS2012 here or what? :)
A: For the sake of ease of use, wide support and backward compatibility, the solutions for Sitefinity's SDK samples are distributed in Visual Studio 2010 format. This is why the Products Catalog sample which was demonstrated was opened with 2010.
Other examples in this webianr were run under Visual Studio 2012.

Q:   I'm a very old user of OA...I remember when it was released...can you list some features that are in the product BECAUSE of sitefinity?
A: Actually most of the features that are developed to meet Sitefinity needs are also valid and interesting ORM features, so it's safe to say none were developed only because of Sitefinity.
However, there are some features for which the priority was driven by Sitefinity, for example: multi-table entities, client-side sequential GUIDs, index creation enhancements, replacing metadata during runtime, etc.

Q:  What (if anything) is being done about the perpetual nightmare that is L2 cache?
A: We are working on that, frankly it is tough to reproduce but we will do our best.

Q:   Can I create a console project or any other project then authenticate myself as admin user then connect to a running online Sitefinity site and start selecting, adding, deleting from my Sitefinity site?
A: Not directly. It's possible to communicate with Sitefinity by calling its exposed WCF services. An example can be the API test tool (see a previous webinar presenting it) which is a Windows WPF desktop application which works with Sitefinity through those services.

Q:  Is Game of Thrones Season 3 really about to start?
A: Yes. Season 3 premiers March 31st, 2013 on HBO.
If you've forgotten what happened in season 2, you can use this abridged-recap video:


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