Our New Year’s Gift to You…

Our New Year’s Gift to You…

January 05, 2010 0 Comments

Now that the holiday rush is over (phew!), we wanted to remind you that the latest version of OpenEdge is now available!   This release, version 10.2B, builds on previous OpenEdge 10 releases to further increase developer productivity, while still reducing the total cost of ownership of the business application.  We’ve added capabilities to fortify application security and compliance – a must have for SaaS. Other new features and enhancements will enable you to: 

·     Deliver applications that comply with the latest data privacy regulations

·     Simplify the deployment of applications via the Web

·     Increase visibility into operations

·     Accelerate delivery of service-based applications  

Making the upgrade is a no brainer. As one customer, Carl Verbiest from CCE NV says “As always what I love most about a new version, is you just change the executable and you’re up and running with existing code in a new OpenEdge version. You can use the new 10.2B features where needed without the need to rewrite you existing application – the migration is quick and easy”. 

So check it out.   Contact your account rep for more information or visit

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