OpenEdge 11.2 Webinar Wrap Up

OpenEdge 11.2 Webinar Wrap Up

Posted on March 08, 2013 0 Comments

Thanks to everyone who joined this week’s OpenEdge 11.2 webinar – we had a great turnout! Like any OpenEdge release, there are many new features, each providing specific value in key functional areas. For those of you who weren’t able to join the presentation, here are some of the highlights coming to you in the latest version:

1) All About Mobile

According to Gartner, by 2015, 80% of all mobile applications developed will be hybrid or mobile-web-oriented. Won’t it be great when all insurance companies can allow customers to submit and track their claims using mobile devices, and manufacturers can provide real-time tracking and optimization of the supply chain?

To achieve this, it’s critical for our partners and customers to be able to “write once and deploy anywhere.” Which is why we’ve integrated the OpenEdge Mobile App Builder as a Service into the latest platform. We’ve focused on hybrid mobile applications, which create a beneficial blend of native and Web applications that use standard web technologies and are hosted inside a native app container.

Additional Mobile features include:

  • Tight integration with Progress Developer Studio
  • Mobile Visual Designer and toolkit
  • REST Adapter for AppServer Access
  • Built-in backend data support tied to mobile client UI’s
  • Device emulation for testing
  • Delivery via industry app stores, like Apple and Google Play

2) Business Rules Management

OpenEdge 11.2 integrates Progress Corticon to automate even the most complex decision-making logic. With an Excel-like modeling tool, the latest version of OpenEdge allows you to replace your previously hard-coded decision logic with the adaptability and flexibility of the world-class Corticon Rules Engine. (Spoiler alert: if this is of interest to you, then you’re going to love what comes in our next update!)

3) ABL and Application Server

We’ve also made updates to the ABL and Application Server. The OpenEdge 11.2 REST Adapter now leverages JSON, which will allow you to integrate your application with any other application, written in any language and on any platform.

We also have a cool new Scratch Editor in Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge that allows a developer to write and execute ABL code without having to save it as a project. Other features in the Scratch Editor include content assist, color-coding, and syntax-checking.

Some other new items worth mentioning:

  • Single-run and Singleton Procedures
  • Session-level Support for Structured Error Handling
  • “DefaultScrolling” Startup Option
  • Sub-second PAUSE

We appreciate that change can often times comes with uncertainty. Which is why we weren’t surprised to get a bunch of great questions during this week’s webinar. We just couldn’t get to them all during the hour, so we’ll be highlighting a few with our responses in a follow-on post next week.

Stay tuned!

Missed the live presentation?  Access the full recording here.

Want to see OpenEdge Mobile in action?  Don’t miss our worldwide events.  For more information, visit:


Rob Straight

Rob Straight

Rob is a Senior Manager of OpenEdge Product Management. He has been a member of the Product Management team for 12 years, gathering user requirements and organizing product releases to meet those requirements. His primary technology focus is on the ABL language and IDE, Application Server, integration technologies, application security, mobile technology and Business Process Management (BPM).


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