OpenEdge 10.2A coming soon

OpenEdge 10.2A coming soon

Posted on November 03, 2008 0 Comments

OpenEdge 10.2A is scheduled to be available soon.  OpenEdge is the only platform that is optimized for the building of Service-Oriented Business Applications.  It differentiates from other offerings in the market because:

  • Its purpose to simplify building your data- and transaction- and service-centric business applications with the highest productivity
  • Integration and interoperability features are built-in, thus making it easy for you to connect to any application regardless of the technology or platform its built-on
  • Support of a broad and rich set of open interfaces and integrated UI capabilities to ensure your applications can be built with any UI technology you choose, and even support multiple UIs with a single set of business logic
  • High performance and scalable embedded database that ensures that all your data management needs can be met

OpenEdge 10.2A focus on the commercialization of the OpenEdge GUI for .NET which provides developers with the ability to build competitive, state of the art, contemporary user interfaces for their applications using Microsoft .NET Winforms technology.   What makes OpenEdge 10.2A offering better is that developers can do so in a highly productive manner because the new functionality is built into OpenEdge, integrating in OpenEdge Architect the new development tools such as the brand new Visual Designer and the extended Class Browser, empowering you to use only ABL, the best business-purposed programming language, and being fully compatible and interoperable with your existing OpenEdge GUI, to adopt at your own pace.

No one else provides such ease of use, productivity and business functionality, all within a single purpose development environment.

But 10.2A is anticipated to have much more than the GUI for .NET!  From a host of customer-driven usability and performance enhancements in OpenEdge Architect, as well as new XML and WSDL editors, to more OO extensions including garbage collection, through a new TIMEZONE session attribute to ease the deployment and reduce the operation costs of global applications, or sparse ProDataSet XML serialization for lower resources and increased performance, or OpenEdge server products support for Windows 2008 64-bit, to mention just a few.

The very high number of members and level of participation in the 10.2A Beta program, one of our largest and exciting beta programs ever, should be a good indication of the enthusiasm and anticipation that the Progress community is showing for OpenEdge 10.2A.  So, stay tuned for more information coming soon, and hang on, just a few more weeks to go!


* For informational purposes only. Information in this posting may not be interpreted as any commitment on behalf of Progress, and future development, timing and release of any features or functionality described remains at our sole discretion.

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