Newly Released Open Source Spark Toolkit

Newly Released Open Source Spark Toolkit

Posted on August 28, 2018 0 Comments
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We have just released our Progress Spark Toolkit to the open source community, making it easier than ever to apply best practices and modernize your OpenEdge applications.

The Progress Spark Toolkit is a collaborative set of ABL code and best practices based on decades of modernization strategies from Progress Services and continuous feedback from Progress engineering. Previously only available from our Services organization as part of a modernization engagement, we've just made the entire Progress Spark toolkit available as an open source offering for the first time. This means that you can collaborate with other users to improve your ABL code and create the best integration and implementation strategies for your business application.

Delivering a modernized application can consist of many moving parts, and best practices may only become apparent after countless hours of tediously designing a common framework. The Progress Spark Toolkit saves your business valuable time and resources by providing the ABL code and recommended best practices to address the needs of a secure business application, as well as assist in modernizing your legacy application and/or creating new greenfield applications.

Created in collaboration with the Progress OpenEdge customers and partners involved in the Common Component Specification (CCS) project, the new Spark Toolkit means that customers like you are free from component lock-in risk and can choose from a variety of vendors.

By providing this toolkit open source and engaging the community in its improvements, Progress has leveraged best practices in the development of these standards-based components and tools to enable new levels of interoperability and flexibility for end users to swap components, with minimal effort, resulting in greater efficiencies and effectiveness.

There are 10 components currently available within the Spark Toolkit with more components projected to be added in the future. The first three components focus on starting up and bootstrapping sessions, business services, and an authentication component. The wide range of remaining components vary from connecting to a service to logging and catalog management, to tagging and mapping, and more.

While the Progress Spark Toolkit is compatible with OpenEdge 11.7, our expert engineers recommend that you be on 11.7.3, the latest OpenEdge service pack. You can learn more and upgrade here.

Access the toolkit today, available under the Apache License 2.0 in GitHub.

Download the Spark Tooklit

Barbara Ware

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