My Database Driver is “Secure”

My Database Driver is “Secure”

Posted on April 23, 2013 0 Comments

Internet securityDid you catch my previous post on how premium database drivers can improve performance? Well, today I’ll be continuing the blog series and delving into another huge benefit of premium drivers: risk reduction and the design of secure applications.

Premium drivers, like DataDirect Connect, make it easy to provide robust application security features, which makes it possible to secure data exchange, address potential vulnerabilities inherent in database access and networks, and prevent a highly publicized security breach. There are three areas in particular that you should focus on in order to help reduce risk and secure your company’s information:

  • OS Authentication: Integrating OS authentications, such as Kerberos and NTLM protocols, into a Single Sign-On environment can help eliminate the need for users to log in separately from each application – enabling multiple logins and user IDs to live in the same environment.  
  • Network Data Encryption: Exchanging data between an application and its database using TLS / SSL encryption standards or native database encryption ensures that the data is encrypted automatically. This is the type of encryption offered by DataDirect Connect to significantly reduce the risk associated with most common data thefts.
  • Secure Architecture: Choose middleware that reinforces application security and eliminates the need for database client libraries, as these are often a point of vulnerability. 

Maintaining a secure architecture doesn’t mean that you have to break the bank. Many premium drivers actually simplify pricing because data encryption and authentication is automatically included in the cost of the driver. This built-in security makes it easy to develop secure applications without the need to purchase additional products. DataDirect Connect, in particular, minimizes complexity, as it is compatible with many existing IT architectures.

Have additional questions about how to secure your enterprise architecture? Leave a comment below or ask us directly at @DataDirect_News.

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