How to Deploy and Manage Mobile Business Rules in Microsoft Azure With Corticon.js

How to Deploy and Manage Mobile Business Rules in Microsoft Azure With Corticon.js

Posted on September 14, 2020 0 Comments
How to Deploy and Manage Mobile Business Rules in Microsoft Azure With Corticon.js

With Corticon.js, businesses can easily deploy and manage mobile business rules in Microsoft Azure.

Corticon.js enables business users, domain experts, and JavaScript developers to define the rules to automate critical business decisions in JavaScript compatible receptors. With these features, users can now take the proven success of Corticon and unite it with JavaScript functions.

The following tutorial shows you just some of the many possibilities when working with Corticon.js and Microsoft Azure. In addition to Azure, Corticon.js also enables serverless deployment of rules across a wide variety of web, mobile and IoT architectures.

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To showcase these functions with a real-life example, the tutorial follows a car rental damage waiver insurance program, where the customer utilizes and observes Corticon.js abilities on a mobile app using Azure functions. The customer also gets the opportunity to observe the offline capabilities.

Within the tutorial, we observe a customer looking at a car rental service on his phone. He visits the app, inputs his information, including age, gender, and driving experience, and is then given a final premium. These variables are key considerations for the final premium presented. This is due to the rules set within Corticon.js Studio.

The customer inputs his age as 22 into the app, causing his premium to be higher due to his lack of drivers' experience. If the customer had input the age of 29, Corticon.js would quickly react to change. The price would ultimately drop, as the customer now isn't considered as much of a liability due to his age and lack of experience.

To further explore Corticon.js functionalities and features, if the customer were to enter an area where he loses service, he may still be in the process of looking at the app and will want to continue with no interruptions. With Corticon.js, the customer can still use the app and select his car, input his information, and get his premium, all without service, thanks to Corticon.js offline client mode.

Corticon.js allows your business to make the decisions that lead to success in a serverless environment. Corticon.js helped make like easier for this customer and provided a reliable, flexible and efficient experience.

If this sounds like a tool that can elevate your business rules strategy, start the tutorial, or contact us.

Read the tutorial

Jessica Malakian

Jessica Malakian

Jessica Malakian is a product marketing specialist at Progress focused on the Corticon, Kinvey, iMacros, iMail and MessageWay solutions. A former intern at Progress, Jessica is a recent college grad who is excited to be a full-time Progresser.

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