Make the Move to OpenEdge 11.4 - NOW         

Make the Move to OpenEdge 11.4 - NOW         

Posted on August 18, 2014 0 Comments

Can your application development team respond to the needs of the digital workplace? It’s no secret that mobile devices have conquered the US, to the point that most of us have more than one of them. In other countries, especially in the developing world, many people meet all of their computing needs with a smartphone.

Many of today’s workers need tablets and smartphones to be productive in their jobs. Such environments lend themselves to cloud, web and mobile applications that are dynamic and easy to use. In my many conversations with Progress® OpenEdge® customers, we’ve discussed this new digital workplace, and how we can improve OpenEdge so they can provide competitive products that enable them to succeed.

OpenEdge is designed to assist software developers and business analysts to address changing market and business application requirements. Applications built with OpenEdge, are reliable, easy-to-maintain, cost-effective, and service enabled. As a result, customers are able to capitalize on new opportunities by getting competitive applications to market faster.  With the latest release of OpenEdge (11.4), we focused on data availability and manageability.

What’s New in 11.4?

New features/capabilities include OpenEdge Database Table Partitioning, Mobility and Progress® Developer Studio for OpenEdge® enhancements, as well as tighter integration with Progress® Pacific™.

  • Improved Data Availability and Manageability of the OpenEdge Database
    • Table Partitioning allows customer data to be better organized in storage, increasing the speed of data access and reducing operational costs.
    • Support for partitioning by list and by range is included, as well as the ability to combine the two properties together.
  •  Strengthened Mobile offering
    • New Mobile visual designer providing both Web and Mobile support
    • Session level events for Offline/Disconnected users
    • Improved Mobile wizard
  • ABL Testing Enhancements
    • ABL Unit Testing Framework
    • Support for development of tests that execute a small portion of an application
  • Enhancements for Pacific integration
    • Supporting integration requirements for Rollbase Mobile
    • Consistent management of Pacific applications delivered for Rollbase and Progress® Corticon®
  • Progress Developer Studio enhancements to boost developer productivity
    • Refactoring and Source Code Analysis tools to streamline code development
    • Progress Developer Studio now on Eclipse 4.3
  • Modernized Install
    • Improvements to configuration of OpenEdge silent install
  • And many other customer requested enhancements….

Make the Move NOW:  Remember as an OpenEdge user, if you are current on maintenance you can make the move to 11.4 at no additional cost.  Hear for yourself all of the great reasons why you should make the move to 11.4 – Register HERE to replay the What’s new in 11.4 webinar on September 4th.


Colleen Smith

Colleen Smith is Vice President, Customer Advocacy at Progress. In this role, she is responsible for ensuring customer focus and accountability for improving the company’s relationship with its customers and partners, as it relates to the use of Progress core products. Smith joined the company in 2005 with 20 years of enterprise software marketing, sales and product strategy experience, and has helped transform software companies into industry leaders, built strategic partnerships, designed acquisition strategies and moved companies through aggressive growth stages. 


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