Lost in Data Sources? How a Data Hub Can Simplify Access and Improve Data Security

Lost in Data Sources? How a Data Hub Can Simplify Access and Improve Data Security

Posted on November 09, 2021 0 Comments
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How many times a week does someone in your organization come knocking and say, “Can I get access to the marketing/sales/production database?”

Some users want to connect to these sources to build out dashboards or visualizations for a wide variety of corporate data analytics initiatives. Others are building internal applications which require the integration of these data sources. Regardless of what the request is, it takes time to complete and pose security challenges in terms of managing and tracking what access has been granted and to whom.

What if there was a better way? How would a single gateway to quickly provide access control without needing to share database credentials, or even a driver, improve your job?

What if you could have:

  • Identity Management for your Data Sources that allows you to control data access from a single location
  • Universal Clients for all BI Tools using ODBC, JDBC and OData that eliminate the need to deploy and update numerous drivers
  • Operational Visibility into Data Source Utilization to let you see not only who accessed the data, but what they accessed

With Progress DataDirect’s Hybrid Data Pipeline, you can instantly share a data source, be it an on-premises SQL Server, a cloud data warehouse, Salesforce or even a private REST API, via our easy-to-use web interface. Share it without a driver using the OData 4 standard or provide a single ODBC or JDBC driver to access any of the sources you provide through Data Direct Hybrid Data Pipeline. This eliminates the need for a different driver for every data source.

Are your users relying on reporting tools such as Tableau or PowerBI? How about trying to bring real-time data into Salesforce or using a cumbersome ETL tool? All of these use cases can be managed with DataDirect Hybrid Data Pipeline providing a gateway to your data sources.

Recently, a mid-size semiconductor manufacturer chose Progress to solve this problem for them. They wanted to securely share data for internal users without providing database credentials, all while maintaining access logs and recording the SQL issued to the data source(s). Using DataDirect Hybrid Data Pipeline data gateway, enabled the company to provide access to sources such as Salesforce, SQL Server, Jira, OpenEdge and even internal REST APIs. Users authenticated to the pipeline with their LDAP credentials, without needing credentials to the database—or even knowing the underlying database.

I’m sure you’re wondering how much work it takes to get this level of data access control running in your environment, either on-premise or in the cloud. You can have DataDirect Hybrid Data Pipeline up and running for a POC in a matter of minutes and a full production deployment can be done in a day or two. DataDirect Hybrid Data Pipeline is a Linux- based deployment that supports a fault-tolerant and highly available deployment model. It also supports IP Whitelisting, multi-tenancy and includes granular user roles.

Too good to be true? Well, try it for yourself.

Our team here at Progress DataDirect is here to ensure your success, so don’t hesitate to reach out for more details. To start a full-featured trial, all you need to do is follow this link to download the trial installer to get going in your environment.

Try DataDirect Hybrid Data Pipeline

Aaron Burg

Aaron Burg

Aaron Burg is a sales engineer with Progress. He has worked in the IT space for 20 years, focusing on the systems administration and security. This broad experience has allowed him to be a valuable resource for customers looking to implement Progress DataDirect’s connectivity solutions. 


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