Living the Sitefinity Life: How We Market Events

Living the Sitefinity Life: How We Market Events

September 21, 2018 0 Comments
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One of the best parts of Progress Sitefinity is that it can be used by so many people in an organization to help make their jobs easier. In this series, we’ll share the perspectives of our employees who use Sitefinity regularly. In this post, Cynthia Maxwell talks about how she uses Sitefinity to manage our events.

One of my functions on the Progress Events Team is to post all our events on This lets our customers, prospects and employees know where and when we are exhibiting and what products we will be highlighting. People who are attending any events will know we will be there and can visit our booth.

As marketers sign Progress up for conferences and trade shows they send the details to me to post. I am able to easily do this with Sitefinity! It’s so simple to login and add them to our events page. I have given each person a simple format to provide me with the event name, brief description of the show, its focus and what we are showcasing, the date, location and link to the event’s website for further information.

Then all I have to do is add the information to the fields below, and click publish!

Editing an Event - Progress Sitefinity

The end result looks beautiful as Sitefinity automatically generates a look and feel designed by our web team. No need for me to worry about laying anything out or messing with templates, one click and everything is formatted as it should be.

Progress Events Page

Progress also uses this page to promote events we are hosting, such as ProgressNEXT, Innovation Tour and jsMobileConf, to name a few. We can drive people to their respective sites from the events page.

The best thing about using Sitefinity is I don’t have to put in requests to IT to add events. I simply log in at any time to add or change an event. This allows me to post them much quicker and easily make edits. Once an event is posted if anything changes or we want to add more details to the description I am provided with the updates. Again I just log into Sitefinity, search for the event and make any edits or add information. It’s very quick and easy to update any event as things change. I have a little knowledge of coding in HTML and it’s fun to be able to keep up with that when I want to use it to add formatting to the post. But the beauty of Sitefinity is I don’t have to code at all if I don’t want to!

It’s really a great and user-friendly tool. If I can post items to a website this easily anyone can!

Cynthia Maxwell

Cynthia Maxwell

Cynthia Maxwell is an Events Manager, responsible for planning and executing all types of events and conferences. She manages tradeshow booths, sales kickoff meetings, user conferences and sales incentive trips. Cynthia has close to 20 years of experience in this industry and enjoys working with various teams across the organization. You can find her on LinkedIn and Twitter @Cindym2Maxwell

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