Learn How to Leverage the Economics of the Cloud at Progress Exchange

Learn How to Leverage the Economics of the Cloud at Progress Exchange

Posted on September 04, 2013 0 Comments

UntitledThe nature of business as we know it is changing. Vendors are now swiping our credit cards on mobile devices. Offers we receive from our favorite retailers, hotels and airlines are more relevant and tailored to our personal interests. Our cars can send automatic health reports to us through email. We can order groceries online and even have them delivered to us. What’s next? This is where you chime in. What are those great ideas in your heads? And, how do you turn those ideas into business reality?

The building block that will help you turn these ideas into reality is software – yes – even for the non-techies out there. As the software you use becomes more capable of handling your requests, your ideas get bigger and more competitive. So, what does your software allow you to do? Have you looked under the hood at Progress lately? If you think Progress is all about writing your application in ABL, connecting to relational databases with DataDirect, or creating business rules with Corticon then you missed our entry into warp speed.

Want to leverage the economics of the cloud to enable your business to support even more customers and partners than you can fathom? Check. Want to offer a contemporary and best-in-class user interface to your business – either through the web or on a mobile device? Check. Want the ability to easily cater your business to each of your customers on an individual basis without having to give each customer a specialized copy of your software? Check. Want to break through the hurdles of Big Data and easily learn more about your customers or prospects? Check. Want to improve the economics of your business by allowing your employees to be more self-sufficient with minimal or no IT involvement? Check. Want to … well … you get the point. At Progress Exchange we’re bringing together our brightest minds to meet with you, teach you, listen to you, and talk to you about your business.

No, this is not the same old Progress. We’re leading innovation around how to simplify your ability to produce contemporary business applications. We’re making it easy for you to access all your data – whether it is on-premise data, SaaS data, Hadoop-based data, NoSQL/NewSQL data, or even data from sources that you wrote off as company liabilities unable to be accessed via modern applications. We’re creating a decision support framework that makes it easy for business users to treat each customer differently.

Progress Software is doing things that no other software company is doing. What are you doing that no other company is doing? Come join us at Progress Exchange, learn about our new platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offering, Progress Pacific, and then share with me the answer to that question.

John Goodson

John leads the Product Engineering, office of the CTO, and Technical Support teams at Progress to deliver market leading products in the cloud and on-premise. John has been a part of the executive team at Progress for over seven years.


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