Introducing Progress NativeChat

Introducing Progress NativeChat

Posted on March 13, 2018 0 Comments
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A revolution is underway in the customer care industry, as modern technology and new expectations change the way customers interact with organizations. Your users are no longer content to dial through phone trees or wait on hold—they not only expect but demand 24/7, immediate responses to their questions.

Regardless of generation, customer self-service has emerged as the preferred channel of support where consumers can get instant resolutions to their requests. As a result, service organizations are under tremendous pressure to deliver effective customer self-service options that can significantly decrease the overhead of human operators.

The promise of chatbots has been associated with this new generation of customer self-service for several years. However, the immaturity of most of the offerings today prevents enterprises from widely adopting chatbots as a viable alternative to customer self-service websites and call centers.

I am proud to introduce NativeChat, our AI-driven platform for creating and deploying cognitive chatbots. NativeChat can be trained like a person with a set of goals, examples and access to your existing backend system to deliver superior customer self-service experience to your customers.

NativeChat is the first product to come out of Progress Labs, the innovation incubator inside Progress.  Progress Labs is designed to find new ways to let our employees do what they do best—make the lives of developers easier. The program enables the best and most innovative ideas from anywhere within the company to be nurtured and funded, and we’re excited to start sharing the results with you today.

What Makes it Different?

Our vision is that people will interact with software in their own way instead of following a predefined flow set up for them by developers. In the future, apps will be cognizant of how the users are using them and will auto-adapt their behavior accordingly. Every person will use a technology at his or her own pace.

Our goal is to liberate people from serving technology, and make technology help people instead. Chatbots are the perfect place to start as they allow a natural flow and non-linear interaction with software.

However, the majority of chatbots that are being developed today rely on fixed decision-trees and predefined if-then-else logic to generate a natural conversation with users. Relying on these decision-trees results in a complex software to support and chatbots that sound like answering machines.

To overcome this challenge, we have developed a patent-pending CognitiveFlow technology that allows a chatbot to generate a natural conversational experience, so that users can converse with a chatbot just as they would with a human. Our approach not only creates an amazing experience for the user on the device of their choice, but dramatically reduces your own costs by eliminating the need for ongoing developer support to keep the chatbot updated.

Key Business Benefits

  • Reduce strain on your call centers—Decrease their workload without increasing overhead
  • Delight your customers—Give them quick, 24/7 support for transactions and FAQs, and more attention from your reps for the hard stuff they really need help with
  • Open up entirely new channels—Employ NativeChat on social media, mobile and the web, easily growing the number of self-service transactions completed
  • Establish yourself as a digital leader—Earn loyalty from your customers and gain media attention by doing things better than your competitors

Easy to Get Started

It’s easy to get started with NativeChat. You can train your bot quickly by using your existing data, as easily as you would train a new service agent. Get a proof of concept up and running in just two weeks, and easily upgrade your license when you’re ready. Learn more about how you can take advantage of a truly intelligent chatbot with Cognitive Flow in our brief brochure.

Learn More about NativeChat


Hristo Borisov

Hristo was formerly responsible for bootstrapping and leading new products at Progress in markets that have strong potential (>$1 billion) and are growing with CAGR 30% and above. Hristo had been with Progress for more than 10 years and led Progress NativeChat, an artificial intelligence-driven platform for creating and deploying chatbots based on patent pending CognitiveFlow technology that can be trained with goals, examples and data from existing backend systems.


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