Informatica PowerCenter Salesforce CRM ODBC data integration ready for production

Informatica PowerCenter Salesforce CRM ODBC data integration ready for production

Posted on December 07, 2011 0 Comments

We just completed a POC now ready for production using Progress DataDirect Connect64 XE for ODBC Salesforce driver to migrate, replicate, cleanse, and synchronize Salesforce CRM data using Informatica PowerCenter v9.0.1 running on Linux x64.

What are the steps to configure DataDirect Connect64 XE for ODBC Salesforce with PowerCenter?

1. Download the free trial of the DataDirect Connect64 XE for ODBC Driver 6.1 for Unix/Linux. Verify patch level is 06.12.0071 or higher.

2. Test connect to your Salesforce account using our example program installed in samples/example.

3. Configure Informatica environment profile to include /lib directory of ODBC driver, and copy the [Salesforce] data source to Informatica's existing odbc.ini configuration file.

4. In odbc.ini data source configuration, set TransactionMode=1 for Salesforce data source.


Description=DataDirect 6.1 Salesforce


5. Restart Informatica server to pick up new environment.

6. Create relational target or source for your workflow as if Salesforce were any other database connection.

What we learned about from the POC with the DataDirect Connect XE for ODBC Salesforce driver?

  • The driver has SQL-enabled the Salesforce CRM cloud, and therefore is configured as a relational database source in Informatica PowerCenter.
  • This has enabled similar functionality you get with Oracle, Sybase, and DB2 sources including built-in native bulk capabilities.
  • Salesforce looks like a relational database, but we should keep in mind one difference: transaction support.  The ODBC driver should be configured to ignore transactions by setting TransactionMode=0 in the odbc.ini data source.
  • The optional incremental change data capture cache built into the driver allows for flexibility with Salesforce performance compared to relational databases being accessed over the WAN.
  • This POC is the result of another successful POC that integrated Oracle Business Intelligence (OBIEE) with Salesforce using the same DataDirect Connect XE for ODBC driver.

How to get started today?

1. Download free 15 day trial of the DataDirect Connect XE for ODBC or JDBC Salesforce drivers to integrate an unlimited number of applications with Salesforce.

2. Or call 1-800-876-3101 to speak with a live Solutions Consultant to learn how other organizations are making progress with DataDirect Connect Salesforce integration.

Sumit Sakar

Sumit Sarkar

Technology researcher, thought leader and speaker working to enable enterprises to rapidly adopt new technologies that are adaptive, connected and cognitive. Sumit has been working in the data access infrastructure field for over 10 years servicing web/mobile developers, data engineers and data scientists. His primary areas of focus include cross platform app development, serverless architectures, and hybrid enterprise data management that supports open standards such as ODBC, JDBC, ADO.NET, GraphQL, OData/REST. He has presented dozens of technology sessions at conferences such as Dreamforce, Oracle OpenWorld, Strata Hadoop World, API World, Microstrategy World, MongoDB World, etc.


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