Improving the Banking Customer Experience - An Internal Perspective

Improving the Banking Customer Experience - An Internal Perspective

Posted on January 26, 2012 0 Comments


Banking organizations are fraught with silos. Operating this way must feel like looking at the world through a straw, I imagine. With a limited view, your ability to affect change is thwarted by the distortion of the full magnitude of any given situation. With this narrow perspective, you’re vulnerable to errors or worse, fraud and revenue leakage.

Compounding this issue is the increase in customer demands. As expectations rise, tolerance for dissatisfying banking customer experience is at an all time low, and grumbling customers take to social networks to complain.

The good news is: there’s an answer. Banks can reevaluate their operations and gain the critical business level visibility needed to achieve premier levels of customer support. To do this, business leaders should assess four key areas:

  • Volume – the number of customer requests coming in through all channels such as call center, online, mobile etc.
  • Velocity – the pace of customer expectations (same session service expectations) and the ability to meet big data and customer requirements in real time at the moment they are requested
  • Variety – the variety of data and channels we see such as web, mobile, call center, outsourcing services etc. The more channels there are, the harder it is to track, control and resolve issues before they reach the customer. Many institutions now outsource IT needs, etc. making it even harder to control each channel
  • Complexity – having end-to-end visibility into internal transactions despite multiple channels

You simply cannot offer new products and services and maintain consistent customer experience if you have not taken a hard look at your internal operations. The lack of visibility makes the complex dependencies between data sources and channels too hard to see and thus too hard to control.

To hear more about gaining end-to-end visibility in the banking world, check out Bank Systems & Technology’s recent webcast, “Customer Transaction Management - Gaining Visibility, Control and Reliability.”



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