Got Brand Loyalty?

Got Brand Loyalty?

Posted on May 15, 2012 0 Comments

Brand loyalty is derived from winning the hearts and minds of your customers. It is won by invoking a sense of dedication, passion, and excitement that other products simply can’t provide. You have to turn your customers into brand advocates. When you’ve got brand advocates, they form communities, organize events, and ultimately promote your products and brand for you.

Sometimes, they even get a tattoo of your logo. Just ask any of nearly one million Harley-Davidson motorcycle owners around the world and he or she will tell you all about it. Now THAT is brand loyalty!


Harley-oe-armWhile we don’t have customers with our logo tattooed on their arms (that we know of… although that gives me an idea for a marketing campaign…), Progress Software is actually quite similar to H-D in one very important aspect: long-term customers who are loyal to the OpenEdge application development platform.

During recent customer road show events, we met with hundreds of customers all around the world. We’re honored by their loyalty and commitment, as demonstrated in the following recent quotes:

Progress has served us well for the past 22 years and we don’t expect that to change.”

-Maria Z., VP of IT in Retail

The performance is second to none. I’ve been using the platform and database for 19 years.

-Andre W., DBA in Logistic Management

We have had a relationship with Progress for almost 25 years, and Progress is always available to listen to our feedback and help us achieve our goals…we aren’t just a number. We recommend Progress because of a track record of innovation and product quality that is second to none.”

-Rob F., Operations Manager in Financial Services

How many application development platforms can claim an average of 20 years of developer loyalty? No other platform can make such a claim. If you are not sure, just ask any of our long-term, successful customers building and managing world-class, mission critical business applications - he or she can tell you all about it.

Thanks and as always, please feel free to drop me a line and let me know what you think.


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