Get Rules Without Limits in New Corticon Release

Get Rules Without Limits in New Corticon Release

Posted on June 08, 2015 0 Comments

The June 8, 2015 release of Corticon Rules without Limits has improved the industry-best business rules engine for collaboration between Business and IT.

Today, I am pleased to announce the release of the new Progress® Corticon® Business Rules Engine (BRE) which enables IT and business professionals to collaborate and execute with unparalleled speed and agility. Whether you’re developing, executing or deploying on Java or .NET platforms, Corticon Rules without Limits makes managing complex rules child’s play. That might seem a bold claim, but this release certainly has the muscle to back it up.

Key Features in Corticon Rules without Limits

In addition to continued cross-platform support, Corticon includes the following new features:

  • REST API for server management: for custom control over server configuration and deployment
  • Adaptive and reusable rule flows: our modular approach makes for easier ruleflow creation
  • Rule flow branching: includes improved flexibility and ease of use for building complex decision services and large flows while maintaining full backwards compatibility with existing ones
  • Improved thread pooling: for decision service execution, with support for auto-scaling
  • New high performance logging subsystem: the subsystem allows log files to be used as an audit trail for runtime execution

Conquer Rules to Get Ahead

Many industries rely on complex rule flows to run their businesses, these include verticals like healthcare, insurance, real estate, financial Services and others who are governed by complex—and constantly changing—rules and regulations. It’s become a major hindrance for companies still using manual systems not equipped for complex dependencies. With Corticon, rule authors can build, develop, test and deploy rules in their platform of choice. This IDC report does a great job of describing how BREs have become the tool of choice for balancing the business need for fast decision making, with full automated compliance. Check it out, and check out our upcoming webinar to learn more about the latest Corticon release.

Learn More at our Webinar

Register to learn more during the webinar, “Rules without Limits: Unleashing Business Applications with Business Rules Engines,” with guest Al Hilwa from IDC, on June 16 at 12:00 p.m. ET.

Kevin Foster

Kevin Foster is Senior Product Marketing Manager at Progress. He is responsible for the go-to-market planning, product marketing and strategy for Progress Corticon Business Unit. Kevin joined Progress in 2013, after 15 years of technology marketing and management experience with various hardware and software vendors. 


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