Expand Your OpenEdge Development Skills at BravePoint Boot Camp

Expand Your OpenEdge Development Skills at BravePoint Boot Camp

Posted on August 20, 2015 0 Comments

OpenEdge BravePoint Boot Camp is a customizable program that gives developers the opportunity to update their OpenEdge skills to the latest  features the OpenEdge platform has to offer.

We come across many companies that have Progress® OpenEdge® applications that have evolved over time and would benefit from modernization. A number of those organizations have also asked us to provide some developer training in the latest OpenEdge has to offer–enough, in fact, to compel us to create what we are calling, the “OpenEdge Boot Camp.”

The OpenEdge Boot Camp is a rigorous, customizable program that gives students hands-on experience in everything from the basics involved in legacy applications, to the latest in OpenEdge technologies and frameworks, including UI integration, REST, WEB 2.0 and others. After a few short weeks students come out of the program armed with the skills to tackle the most challenging modernization projects and confident in the new knowledge they are bringing back to their organizations.

Latest Boot Camp a Success

Earlier this summer we held a boot camp at our Norcross facility. We hosted eight students, from recent college graduates to highly-seasoned developers. The reviews were outstanding.

David Conley from Upper Lakes Foods, stated, “I had some basic knowledge of Progress ABL before I came for training. Overall, I was impressed and satisfied with the course content, instructors and teaching styles.”

Jaco du Plessis from IFDS, commented, “I appreciate the real life examples, the case studies, as well as the holes we stepped into and lessons learned from the instructors. I feel comfortable that I have enough knowledge to go forward, and with the toolsets and online aids provided, I will be successful.”

The Curriculum Consisted of:

  • Intro to Progress OpenEdge
  • Programming in Progress – Character Development
  • 4GL Essentials – GUI Development
  • Using ProDataSets
  • Intro to Object-Oriented Programming
  • Intro to OpenEdge Reference Architecture (OERA)
  • Developing a Progress OpenEdge ABL Application

Schedule Your Boot Camp Today

By the time you add up the cost to recruit, train and perhaps relocate top talent, it’s easy to see that an OpenEdge Boot Camp is a win for you and a win for the professional development of your employees. For more information, or to schedule a boot camp for your organization, leave your comments below or give us a call at 678-225-6279.



Bruce Thompson

Bruce has held various roles throughout his 20 year tenure at Progress BravePoint, including, Education Manager, Account Manager, Resource Manager, Instructor and Consultant. He has a wide breadth of OpenEdge experience across multiple platforms and versions.


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