Encouraging Eventful Entrepreneurs

Encouraging Eventful Entrepreneurs

Posted on November 03, 2010 0 Comments

Dr. John BatesOur Progress Software Summit kicked off this week at the Hudson Hotel in New York City with a keynote address from CNBC’s Larry Kudlow, “From Washington to Wall Street.” Kudlow dove right into the dominant headline-grabber of the day – the mid-term elections. Larry used the elections as a springboard to touch upon his thoughts on economic policy, politics and other current events.

He then hit on several hot button issues of today, including the emergence of the Tea Party and Sarah Palin, his opinions on the oil and banking industries, as well as his thoughts on corporate tax policies and how they impact a key audience – entrepreneurs.

An overarching theme that we took from his speech is that entrepreneurs can learn from successes as well as failures, and this idea is not that different from business processes and event processing. When entrepreneurs launch a new company and it fails, it is not necessarily a disappointment, just as long as that business-person evaluates and applies what occurred. Then, when they take a risk with another launch, they will have learned from the events and processes that they faced the first time around, such as choosing that first employee, purchasing office space or accepting outside funding. These business risk takers can discover new paths and options from these previous situations, analyze them based upon their actions in the past and use this knowledge to catapult their latest business into a success. If such activity is encouraged, entrepreneurs will become responsive to the steps it takes to jumpstart a business, and ultimately turn those letdowns into triumphs.

A big thank you to Larry for taking the time to speak with our attendees and answer their questions after his speech! Follow Larry Kudlow on Twitter.

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