Cutting through the backlog

Cutting through the backlog

Posted on November 04, 2013 0 Comments

backlogBacklog conjures up a different image depending on your view of the world around you. If you’re a Product Manager and you live in an Agile world, you’re probably thinking about adding incremental value to your product in that magical “next release”. If on the other hand you’re a Line of Business lead at a Fortune 2000 company, you’re probably thinking about all of those business applications you keep pressing IT to build for you but which never materialize!

Those applications could range from “Case Management” applications to “Situational Applications”. As an example of a Case Management application, in the Rollbase Application Directory there is a “base” CRM system which can be used as a template for quickly developing a basic CRM system customized to the requirements of your Enterprise, Division or Department. Situational Applications are those applications that you want and need to support your business. They’re usually applications that just need to be “good enough” – they’ll be used by a relatively small group of users and they tend to be built for a specific set of needs e.g. a knowledgebase Wiki holding defect reports for a particular product.

Business applications with these characteristics are the sweet spot for Progress Rollbase – Progress’ rapid application development platform which is an integral part of the Progress Pacific PaaS. Relieved of the complexity of procuring and configuring a software platform, business-savvy users or “Citizen Developers” can develop and deploy applications on the cloud-based Progress Rollbase aPaaS platform. Progress Rollbase comes in different flavors – a hosted, cloud version and a private cloud version allowing Customers to deploy on the infrastructure of their choice. We understand that choice is important for our Customers who may wish to deploy on the infrastructure of their cloud provider or on the on-premise systems of their choice. Progress Rollbase supports a model-driven approach to building business applications which makes it ideally suited to Citizen Developers who fully understand the requirements of the business and can build systems rapidly using its point-and-click, declarative paradigm. To give you a better feel for what development with Progress Rollbase looks like, take a look at this short video to help get you started.

Give it a try – we think you’ll like it!

Gary Calcott

Gary is responsible for developing go-to-market strategies, providing technical marketing support and developing best practice materials for the Rollbase aPaaS platform.


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