• Rapid Development

    Fast Development

    Point-and-click wizards make creating apps fast and easy. Rollbase walks you through the process of building objects, fields, relationships, and workflows.

  • Rollbase Hosted Cloud

    Open Deployment

    Deploy anywhere – in your own cloud, in a hosted cloud or a hybrid combination. Easily scale as usage grows.

  • Integration

    Robust Integration

    Rollbase apps integrate with your existing business applications. Create custom integrations with SOAP, REST, and AJAX APIs.

  • Permissions Model

    Easy Application Management

    Manage your applications and users from a central dashboard. Role and user-based permissions give you complete control.

  • Mobile Development

    Rollbase Mobile

    Quickly develop, deploy and distribute enterprise-grade mobile apps.


Getting Started with Progress Rollbase

This course introduces you to Progress' cloud development platform, Rollbase. It also discusses the features of the two platforms of Rollbase-Hosted cloud and Private cloud. The course describes the components of a Rollbase application and teaches how to create a basic Rollbase application using objects, fields and relationship. The course also teaches how to modify default pages and views of a Rollbase application. In addition, the course teaches how to define workflow for an object in a Rollbase application.

Rollbase Application Directory

Rollbase Application Directory is a web marketplace that lets you browse, evaluate, and select from a growing number of on-demand business applications designed to run on the Rollbase platform.