Credit Card Fraud Interrupted My Vacation...

Credit Card Fraud Interrupted My Vacation...

August 11, 2010 0 Comments

And I learned first hand what responsive process management is all about - to a consumer like me.

I’m on vacation... Citi just called to check on a phone inquiry they just received. Someone was calling for information about my account. I mentioned that I didn’t make the call and then they asked if I’d made a $255 purchase in Burbank, CA at some toy store. Not only am I in NY, but I couldn't even remember the last time I used the card. I immediately looked in my wallet and there the card was. Someone must have gotten my number. Yikes! I’m a pretty big online purchaser so I am bummed. But I am really happy to have Citi on my side because the situation really could have gotten out of hand.

Citi effectively MANAGED the PROCESS and was truly RESPONSIVE. It made me feel great. Is your company operationally responsive? Are you making your customers feel great? Responsive Process Management (RPM) helps companies of all sizes and in varying industries achieve operational responsiveness so that they can retain customers and improve their customer experiences - just as Citi did.


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