Corticon Speaks Your Language

Corticon Speaks Your Language

Posted on April 15, 2016 0 Comments

Over the past year, Progress Corticon has gone multi-lingual. Read on to learn how to make Corticon speak your language.

Corticon is used in many countries with many different languages. To better meet the needs of users whose native language is not English, Corticon has over the past year added translations for multiple languages.

So far we’ve added translations for Japanese, French, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese. The translations span the product and include Corticon Studio for rule development and the Web Console for deploying and managing rules.

Corticon Speaks Your Language - Designer

Create Rules in Your Language

It’s not just the UI which is translated; you can create vocabularies, rule messages, data formats and more in the language of your choice. Being able to create rules in your native language improves productivity and minimizes the chance of errors caused by misunderstanding of rules due to questions on translation. It also expands the pool of people who can review rule correctness by making them available in the reviewers native language.

Install Translations Through Corticon Studio

The Corticon installer bundles the translations for all the Corticon components. To get a fully translated Corticon Studio you need to apply the Eclipse Babel language pack for the language of your choice. This is easy; start Corticon Studio and select “Help -> Install New Software” from the menu. In the “Install” dialog specify Eclipse Babel as the site you want to install software from:

Once it has displayed the list of available translations, select the “Babel Language Pack for eclipse” of your choice

Corticon Speaks Your Language - Language Packs

Completing installing the language pack and then start Studio specifying the language code for the language of your choice.

> eclipse.exe –nl ja

The language codes for the available Corticon translations are:

  • Japanese: ja
  • French: fr
  • Spanish: es
  • Brazilian Portuguese: pt_BR

Selecting Languages in the Corticon Web Console

Selecting your language in the Corticon Web Console is even easier. Just select the language of your choice from the header on the web page.

Corticon Speaks Your Language - Web Console

Jim Arsenault

Jim Arsenault

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