Corticon 5.7 Rising to the Needs of Big Data and Rule Modeler Productivity

Corticon 5.7 Rising to the Needs of Big Data and Rule Modeler Productivity

Posted on April 03, 2018 0 Comments
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See what's new in the latest release of Corticon. It's easier than ever to manage your rules and integrate more data sources in your rules automation systems.

The demands on rule systems to automate the needs of businesses and government agencies continues to expand with the growth of big data and the need to keep pace with rapid changes in policies and regulations. The Corticon 5.7 release delivers new capabilities to help you meet these challenges and more.

Get More Value from Big Data

For big data to provide value it needs to answer critical business questions. Are we meeting our quality and cost objectives? Are we in compliance with regulations? Corticon’s new batch rule processing support provides for effective automation of batch rule processing tasks. Combined with enhancements to its data connectivity features, Corticon provides the ability to seamlessly integrate data from multiple data sources and the flexibility to optimize your database queries for maximum throughput.

Effective and Productive Rule Modeling

Rules are not static, they evolve to meet new requirements. Your rule modeling tooling needs to provide for the effective development, testing and maintenance of your rules. Corticon’s continued focus on rule modeler productivity continues in 5.7 with the introduction of new capabilities such as vocabulary refactoring and richly documented assets. Refactoring allows you to change the names of elements of your rule vocabulary and have all assets automatically update. Rich documentation enables you to provide comment trails on discrete elements in your rule assets; why was a change made, what requirement is it tied to—you have the flexibility to define your own policies.

We’re proud of these and other new features in Corticon 5.7. If you’re an existing Corticon user, we encourage you to have a look. If you’re not a current customer, we encourage you to learn more about Corticon and how it can help address your rule challenges.

Further details of these and other changes can be found at the link below.

See What's New

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Jim Arsenault

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