Connecting to REST APIs, Salesforce and More from SAS Access

Connecting to REST APIs, Salesforce and More from SAS Access

Posted on August 30, 2019 0 Comments
Connecting to REST APIs Salesforce and More from SAS Access_870x450

Learn how you can easily connect to any REST API, plus Salesforce and more, from SAS with JDBC using our DataDirect connectors. 

In the digital age of analytics, data access is more important than ever. Data can reside in any number of disparate sources such as MongoDB, Amazon RedShift, MySQL and PostgreSQL, and connecting to each source can quickly become a convoluted mess.

Progress provides dozens of options for quickly connecting to ODBC and JDBC interfaces, and the Progress Autonomous REST Connector provides a centralized way of connecting to REST API data sources without writing a single line of code. Furthermore, using SAS allows industry-standard data analytics and management, real-time intelligence and more.

How Does SAS Fit In?

For over 40 years SAS has been leading the industry in large-scale data analytics. Nearly all major companies and governments use SAS software in some capacity, whether it’s big data analytics, multivariate analysis, business intelligence, or predictive analytics. SAS Access using JDBC allows users to quickly connect their third-party REST APIs to the powerful SAS data analytics suite, allowing unfettered access to all your data.

When joined with the Progress Autonomous REST Connector, users can connect to any REST API and send queries straight to SAS—without writing a single line of code.

What Does Progress Bring to the Table?

With Progress DataDirect’s comprehensive suite of data connectors and drivers, rest assured you can retrieve any data from any API, whether they’re hosted on big data pools, relational and analytics databases, SaaS/Cloud, or just text/XML files. Our Autonomous REST Connector provides the ultimate pre-built connector for your REST APIs. Using SQL-based tools and applications, users can implement codeless configurations and intelligent sampling for their APIs allowing for lightning fast, intelligent data connectivity.

Bridge the Gap

With SAS Access for JDBC, accessing new data sources in SAS has never been easier. In addition, Progress DataDirect Autonomous REST Connector can even run SQL queries against REST API data. Both of these connectors open up a wide, new world of available data.

In these two tutorials, Saikrishna Bobba demonstrates REST API connection scenarios using both the Autonomous REST Connector and SAS Access for JDBC connectors.

Connect to any REST API from SAS with JDBC

Connect to Salesforce and Others from SAS with JDBC

James Goodfellow

James Goodfellow

James Goodfellow is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Progress and focuses his efforts on the DataDirect suite of solutions. Through his tenure at companies like Progress and SAS, he has spent the bulk of his career launching successful marketing campaigns for data and analytics products. James blogs here and around the web on topics such as data connectivity, analytics, IoT, visualization and machine learning. You can follow him on twitter at @jcgoodfellow.


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