Configure SQL Server JDBC Driver in Splunk DB Connect

Configure SQL Server JDBC Driver in Splunk DB Connect

Posted on December 28, 2016 0 Comments
Configure SQL Server JDBC Driver in Splunk DB Connect 2

This blog outlines the need for a powerful SQL Server JDBC Driver to make the most of Splunk DB Connect while importing data into Splunk.

Popularly known as the Google for machine data/logs, Splunk is a great operational intelligence that allows you to analyze machine data. Splunk lets you monitor, search, investigate, visualize and report on what’s happening with your IT infrastructure in real time.

Splunk provides numerous solutions that make businesses more productive, profitable and secure—solutions based on Big Data, IoT, Cloud, Business Analytics, log management and several other technologies.

Configure SQL Server JDBC Driver in Splunk DB Connect

Splunk DB Connect for External Data 

As enterprise apps explode, data becomes more and more siloed. And to get the complete picture inside Splunk, it becomes increasingly important to analyze all of this data. Splunk DB connect is what makes this possible. Splunk DB Connect enables you to combine all the different data, and then use Splunk Enterprise to provide insights into what you've collected.

Powerful JDBC Driver for a Superior Performance

As you connect your data silos to Splunk DB Connect, JDBC drivers become all the more critical. Splunk uses native drivers or checkbox drivers that can never scale up to your organization's needs. Progress DataDirect has been the leader in standards based connectivity space for the past three decades. We have developed powerful JDBC drivers that give improved security, functionality and performance to your IT infrastructure. You can learn more about how our drivers outperform the regular checkbox drivers in this interesting write-up.

Tutorial to Connect SQL Server with DB Connect

Most organizations run SQL Server shops, and thus we have outlined the entire process of installing and configuring the DataDirect SQL Server JDBC driver in your environment.

Begin the Tutorial


Saikrishna Teja Bobba

Saikrishna is a DataDirect Developer Evangelist at Progress. Prior to working at Progress, he worked as Software Engineer for 3 years after getting his undergraduate degree, and recently graduated from NC State University with Masters in Computer Science. His interests are in the areas of Data Connectivity, SaaS and Mobile App Development.


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